From Lifestyle Blogging to Being a Foodie: Black Women Bloggers You Oughta Know

The experiences of black women are diverse. There are black women on the web dishing on their globetrotting, lifestyles, ideals, businesses, relationships, art, and everything in between.

The following is a (brief) list of some of the best blogs around written by black women, blogs that cover a diverse set of views and interests.

I know that the ladies here who are in their teens can get tired about reading about the travails of women in their 20’s, and the women in their 30’s are giving a quizzical look to the women in their 20’s (and hoping that they didn’t act that crazy when they were in their 20’s). The ladies who have hit mid-life may feel as if there isn’t much out there on the net for them. With the desire in mind to find something for everyone, I was lucky enough to stumble upon the following blogs run by black women. These ladies are candidly sharing their experiences, and offering helpful advice on career, life, love, and travel.

Patricia Patton, owner of the blog Boomerwizdom

Patricia Patton, owner of the blog Boomerwizdom

Boomerwizdom is written by Patricia Patton, and, according to the site’s ‘About’ page, the blog “especially focuses on the perspectives of voices from communities of color, those who are aging who are sharing the stories we tell ourselves about who we are and how we make meaningful connections between various aspects of our lives.” Would you like to learn how to ski at midlife? Think you’re too old for braces? Ms. Patton would like to have a word with you…

Franchesca Ramsey

Franchesca Ramsey

Franchesca, or ‘Chescaleigh,’ as she is widely known, is perhaps best known for her hit YouTube video ‘Sh-t White Girls Say…to Black Girls,’ a video so funny Perez Hilton tried to steal pass it off as something he had created.

Ms. Chescaleigh works as a social media consultant in New York City, but on the net she’s a natural hair messiah, video blogger, graphic designer, and comedienne. Must See Video: Franchescha and friend De’Lon previewing the season 2 trailer for HBO’ series Girls.

Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross is the blog of the actress of the same name; yes, she is the daughter of entertainer Diana Ross but Tracee has more than enough talent to stand her own and out of any shadow cast by her mother. Tracee dishes on hair, beauty, and well-being and her musings are of the most thoughtful variety. Must Read Post: Let’s Get Cheeky (Part I)

Kaneisha Grayson, college admissions consultant and author of Be Your Own Boyfriend

Kaneisha Grayson, college admissions consultant and author of Be Your Own Boyfriend

Kaneisha Grayson creates “content for high-achieving Millennials (folks in their 20s and 30s) who want to create a life that they love.” Kaneisha’s personal website offers posts that are inspirational as much as aspirational; she shares her personal struggles and achievements along with her best tips and strategies to encourage, inspire, and guide others who may want to take a similar path. Ms. Grayson has TWO master’s degree’s from Harvard and she has written a book titled “Be Your Own Boyfriend” (available now). Information on Ms. Grayson’s admissions consulting services can be found at The Art of Applying.

Those were just a few to get you started.

Browse the following for added inspiration and intrigue:

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OK, so who did I miss? Share your favorite blogs in the comments section.

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