Oneika the Traveler: How I Afford to Travel

Woman and Paris

In Guatemala last summer   I travel. A lot. The last few years I make anywhere from 7 to 10 international trips a year. I get a … [Read more...]

Slideshow: Grey Villet’s Photos of the Lovings

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Feast your eyes on the shots Grey Villet, LIFE magazine photographer captured of our heroes, The Lovings. Be sure to tune in on Valentine's … [Read more...]

JQAbroad: Working and Living it Up in Korea, and Why You Should Put Some Serious Thought Into It, Too.

Phuket, Thailand 2011 104

  Living abroad has been one of the greatest accomplishments I have done for my life. It was something I had always set out to do ever since I … [Read more...]

Gay Men: The Black Community’s Favorite Whipping Boys.

gay black male

The Black community is filled with hypocrisy. Recently, I had a raging debate about gay marriage with a friend of mine who is a Christian and holier … [Read more...]

Brenda Thompson: Rainbeau Dating Over 40

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By: Brenda Thompson People believe a lot of silly things about women over 40. It’s as if once we cross that threshold, we are no longer hot and … [Read more...]

Oneika: To Berlin with Her Boo!

oneika with bf

2012 is the year of the black traveller. I spent the holidays in Germany with my significant other and rang in 2012 in the streets of … [Read more...]

Janice on, "Where in the World?" The Best (and worst) Places to Have an Interracial Relationship

The Best and Worst Places to Get Your Swirl On

_________________________________________ Blast from the Past! Brought back for our current audience to read & comment on. Originally … [Read more...]

Social Graces 101: Manners and Social Graces in Courtship and Romance

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Social Graces 101: Manners and Social graces in courtship and romance "If a gentleman approaches you with words of flattery, and profuse attentions, … [Read more...]

Video: “Get the Guy” Expert, Matthew Hussey Explains Why [some] Men Lose Interest as Soon as You Show Yours

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Even seen this guy before? Let me first just say this and get it out of the way: I'll bet a lot of chicks want relationship advice on how to get … [Read more...]

Does Sexy Have an Expiration Date?

TRJ, Sexy, Birthday, Expiration Date, Love, Relationships, Self Esteem,

Today is my birthday. Try as I may, I'm sitting here focused on the wrong perspective and "the real" meaning behind my turning 39 years old. I'm … [Read more...]