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Tracy Renee Jones: Your Precious Sons..Black Males Who Exploit, Humiliate and Rape

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By Tracy Renee Jones

How does a 14 year old girl end up giving a boy a blow job behind a school that he thinks should be video taped and uploaded to YouTube to share? Better yet, why did thousands of people click the video, make comments and pass it along?

The comments asked over and over again, ‘well, she knew the camera was there and she chose to do it so’ and so the girl is to blame for what became of her moment of bad decision making.

My issue lies in this black males willingness to humiliate and expose this young black girl to the world. What type of satisfaction did he have to gain by showing off their little interlude?

Plenty, because with each additional view on YouTube, the actions of the perpetrator were validated by the public’s willingness to view and circulate the video.

A perfect example of how accepting our society of black female degradation. It has become not only normal, but celebrated in the black community. I don’t need to quote statistics, as there aren’t many that even bother to associate the relationship between increased sexual aggression of urban males, social disconnection and inferiority acted out as sexual assault against black urban females.

There is an acceptance among African American that black females should be degraded, humiliated and shamed for participating in sexual activity of any kind…whether consenting or otherwise.

There are some black boys that bully, sexually assault, rape and brag about their sexual exploits without fear of retaliation because the black community will not turn on them nor turn them in.

There is no correction, chastisement, punishment, banishment; sexual abuse and exploitation is permissible, expected and in some cases, encouraged.

Sure, teenagers have sex but plenty of teen sexual contact among urban blacks teens is coerced sexual relations. Males are not shamed or chastised for participating in any sexual relations other than homosexual ones.

However black females are often the victims of predator sexual behavior and then further victimized by the onset of judgement that comes from males and females in society once news of the relationship (whether real or imagined) has made the rounds of current gossip.

Why would a 14 year old girl be giving a boy a blow job behind a school? She could be sneaking off with a boy to do something totally mutual. I’ll be the last to insist that teenagers aren’t sexually active and experimental.

But I can’t sit here and pretend like I don’t know of plenty of girls who find themselves on the opposite end of some black males need to humiliate them.

Packs of black males run throughout urban neighborhoods sexually assaulting any female that they chose. The only exception to this fact of life is if a female comes from a large enough family of black males (they better be ‘bad mofos’) to garner protection through the odds of retaliation. A black female is safer is she ‘belongs’ to a large family of strong black men. It would be unheard of to think that it would be safer is black males were taught to not assault, so without a man around, a black female is nothing more than a perpetually vulnerable victim.

We would like to deny that packs of black boys roam urban settings sexually assaulting, harassing and raping through coercion with the threat of violence.

These situations don’t often end up on YouTube, as you can understand how video makes for better conviction if charged.

These attacks are often not reported because black girls, as females do in general, realize that it’s quiet complicated to maneuver the accusation of rape charges with your sanity in tact.

Who will believe a young black girl when society is so quick to blame and shame?

No matter the details to the case, it’s up to a woman to prove her innocence in a sexual assault, and as we know, black women are the culprits of everything when it comes to the ills of black society.

We aren’t encouraged to talk about what can easily be dismissed away as boys being boys with ‘fast girls’.

We, as black women, are not taught ownership of our bodies, and so its easy for everyone else to grab, pinch, prod and handle what should be private and under our control.

We, as black women, are charged with keeping our legs closed while black boys and men of all sizes, shapes and colors chase some of us like deer in the wild.

We, as black women, are shamed when any mention of sexual activity is discovered no matter the mode or mean of introduction.

How does a girl end up on her knees behind a high school. I know of several ways like the grammar school girl that give boys blow jobs behind the school. It was how one girl I know of earned money to eat, as her mother worked the cars as a prostitute to feed her drug habit, the daughter, as beautiful as the mother once was, soon found herself to be popular among the grown men of the apartment building I lived in.

As I began to observe an improvement in clothing I wondered where her expensive sneakers came from, it wasn’t long after that my daughter informed me that a few of the building’s male tenants ‘ran trains’ on this girl in an apartment while tenants girlfriend was at work and his children at school.

Some of the men found entertainment in keeping the girl occupied as they talked over her, photographed and video taped her, watched each other and provided her with all of the drugs and alcohol she needed. The thought nauseated me even more when I realized one of the perpetrators was the married father of several little girls and it was his apartment.

I know of plenty of girls who had sex with groups of boys in hallways and stairwells and rooftops and alleyways. We called it the ‘back stairs’ in housing projects, I don’t know what you call it but I know that if you are a female you should try your hardest to not get caught back there.

Or else. Not the phantom ‘of else’ that threatens white women as they cross dark parking lots at night, the black girl’s “or else” is more so a when and not an if.

I was caught back there once, and I was saved the pleasure of having been gang raped by the local drug dealing crew when my boyfriends older (grown) cousin rescued me in the nick of time. I was then only left with having to claw and fight my way from him as he tried to drag me into some other abandoned apartment only moments later, as I heard the other guys laugh, he tore my clothes and I was bruised from our struggle but I felt victorious for having escaped without being screwed.

Too bad the rumor around the project the very next day was that I was with every last one of those guys.

I know plenty of girls who willingly will give you and the entire room oral satisfaction because it’s easier than being beaten and raped.

The sexual predator black males that everyone knows not to be caught alone with, you know these people, but you will not speak of them, because they are your precious sons, brothers, uncles, cousins and fathers.

A black females willingness to comply with the sexual exploitations of black males makes the hood-world go smoother. Having the audacity to open your mouth and claim an injustice can cost you your life; there is no retribution or cocoon of concern for black urban females. When she is sexually assaulted, she keeps quiet. And what do you think is supposed to happen?

Will a black girl send her black brothers or cousins or father out there (if she has any available) to be beaten to death for defending her honor?

No, a black females sexuality is not to be defended, because by doing so, we imply that it has value.

I ask how many of you reading this have been sexually assaulted, coerced or threatened into sex with a male from your neighborhood? It’s the black version of ‘date rape’; someone you know of or associate with.

Black females are exploited, humiliated and degraded every day in urban neighborhoods and life goes on for you all. Especially the black males that chose to participate in behavior such as this; they are allowed to go on and exploit. Our silence gives them comfort and encouragement.

What does our culture say of the black males who exploit, humiliate and rape? Why are they not the bane of existence? These sexual predators are examples of just how uncivilized urban black life is, we fall short when we refuse to protect the most vulnerable among us. Our black culture is rotting due to our hyper sensitive refusal to consider any accusation and our unwillingness to discuss what really matters for our well being.

Black women, have we been brainwashed, shamed, humiliated, raped and whispered into denial?

We become merely animals when we refuse to instill civilized behavior in our own offspring yet expect society at large to considered us a cognizant, self determined people. We destroy ourselves by our silence.

I’m not going to pass judgement on any female for finding herself in a compromising situation. And as black women, our decision to contribute to the dismissal of sexual assault against young black girls only encourages the further development of the rape culture that is now a cherished part of our legacy.

My name is Tracy Renee….and I’m not ashamed.

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