Man Candy Monday: Who Said Indian Men Ain’t Sexy? Upen Patel Sure Is!!

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Okay, to show you all just how shallow one needs to be in order to identify, process and discard men, I give you Exhibit A. Upen Patel is a hot, … [Read more...]

Opinion: Are We Sexually Free or Slaves to a Sexy Media


By Jolie Doggett A short while back, Rihanna premiered her music video for her hit single "Pour It Up". The song itself is superficial, glorifying … [Read more...]

A Black First Lady For Virginia — Why Not?


Robert and Astrid Sarvis pictured with son Harlan live in Annandale, VA.   Astrid Sarvis could possibly be Virginia's next first lady.  Does … [Read more...]

What’s It Like Being a White Guy at an HBCU? Dominic Ripoli Explains.


I applied for the girl, came for the money. That’s how this black and white story starts. I applied to Howard University because I was dumb struck in … [Read more...]

Good News You Can Use: The Story Behind the New Book “The Queen of Katwe”


"Chess is a lot like my life," she says through an interpreter. "If you make smart moves you can stay away from danger, but you know any bad decision … [Read more...]

Rethinking Black Reality: One Woman + Her 20 Character Off Broadway Stage Show


For those of you who enjoy theater arts and poetry I thought you may find this young woman worthy of your time and attention. Dominique Fishback is a … [Read more...]

PT 1: An Honest Conversation Between You and I…Embracing Your Sexuality

Waistline of a black woman

This essay is in response to an email I received from someone a little over a month ago. There is so much going on in the dialogue that I thought it … [Read more...]

4 Year Old Genius Invited to Mensa: But Are Her Parents Planning to Exploit Her?


I eagerly clicked the link when I saw this story come in this evening. I've been doing research on a piece concerning African American kids, disorders … [Read more...]

Halfrican: Being Black AND White in a Black OR White World

By Amanda Wells It would be nice to be able to say that racism and ignorance is over….not so much, but I do have to admit that we, as a society, … [Read more...]

Jenn M. Jackson Says, “Cheerios Commercial Philosophers, Have Several Seats”

cheerios ad little girl

Originally posted on Water Cooler Convos. Several folks have reached out to me wondering my opinion about the Cheerios ad heard 'round the world in … [Read more...]