Guests of the Inner Sanctum

Photo of the Day: Me and Ben Carey, Lead Guitarist for Lifehouse!

As if I needed another reason to love my town, me and The Husbster go out on Saturday to a fledging restaurant and lo and behold we see Ben Carey, the lead guitarist for Lifehouse, running around shaking hands and kissing babies. He’s bought a restaurant in Temecula, but more on this later. I got a chance to interview him today and found out that this Aussie–38, a pro on the guitar, piano, drums and the baseketball court, is single, looking and loves a beautiful girl no matter what color she is. “I used to be all about the blonds when I first got to America,” he told me. “Now I’m open. A hot woman is a hot woman!” His only criteria? Fit and funny, and likes to ride on Harley’s. Oh…yes.


And while you marinate on that, take a break to listen…

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