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A Black First Lady For Virginia — Why Not?


Robert and Astrid Sarvis pictured with son Harlan live in Annandale, VA.


Astrid Sarvis could possibly be Virginia’s next first lady.  Does it make a difference that she is black and part of a Blasian couple?  It should not but we are in America.  Somewhere, someone sooner or later will make an issue of Dr. Sarvis’ race.  Forget that she is a pediatrician in northern Virginia.  There will be comments made about Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Robert Sarvis’ wife being black.  I am sure some will be negative, but I hope they are mainly positive comments.  Just look at Dr. Sarvis as great wife and mother and how she compliments her husband.  Regardless of if one agrees with their political views, the Sarvises look like a wonderful family.  They met while he was traveling in Mississippi from where Astrid hails.

Whether or not Dr. Astrid Sarvis’ husband Robert makes it to the Governor’s seat, she will continue to be a role model and inspiration for black and many other young women and girls.





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