Got to Give Credit Where It’s Due…Some Real Knights Rode in to Save Rachel Jeantel


I have to admit I was among the folks who cringed with Rachel Jeantel took the stand in the Trayvon Martin murder trail. She was a walking, talking … [Read more...]

Why I Have Mixed Feelings About the Firing of the Co-Host of the “Opie & Anthony” Show


I remember when I was working as a lowly PR grunt representing a bagel company and trying to get a mention on the "Opie and Anthony" show when they … [Read more...]

Riddle Me This: What Other Award Shows Have Actual Shootings and People Killed ‘Black Excrement Television’ (BET)


I'm convinced most of the wealthy black elite class in America could not give two negative phucks for 'regular' black people, and they're willing to … [Read more...]

Robin Thicke and His Very Public Attempt to Win Back His Wife. You Buying It?

Kevin Hart, get you back, song, DBR, Real Househusbands of Hollywood, cheater, cheating, begging, guilty, promotion, public relationship, drama, gossip, loser, Robin Thicke is a creep, divorce, entertainment, music, DBR, media, couples, relationships, black women with white men, youtube, video, album,

Robin Thicke is really, really, really serious about winning back his humiliated wife, Paula Patton with this new video, "Get You Back," and warns all … [Read more...]

Company’s Photo Discrepancy Gives Subtle Message to Black Mothers Versus White Mothers


I've quietly watched a company called Baby K'Tan work to dig itself out of a public relation social media nightmare because of this photo. There are … [Read more...]

When Exploring The Global Village Becomes A Nightmare

Dr. Cicely Cobb, teacher, racism, lawsuit, Nevada, harassment, black woman, culture, white children, disrespect, integration, diversity,

A dedicated teacher with a Phd in her field is a dream for any public high school, right? Unfortunately for Dr. Cicely Cobb, it was a nightmare.  She … [Read more...]

Halle Ordered to Pay $16K a Month in Child Support. Is it Fair?

biracial, children, marriage, couples, Halle Berry, divorce, Hollywood, court, child support, equality, Gabrielle, father, Nahla,

Trending right now is the unusual court decision handed down that Halle Berry pay her daughter's father, Gabriel Aubrey, $16,000 per month in child … [Read more...]

Essence Excludes Gabrielle Union’s Interracial Romantic Interest on “Think Like a Man Too.”

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I have to admit, I never saw Think Like a Man. And most likely, I won't be spending my change to see Think Like a Man Too. But let's for the sake of … [Read more...]

Oakland Paul: Two Women Badly Beaten, Only One Gets National Attention.

media, violence, woman, murder, media attention, California, justice, murder, racism, classism, white girls, black girls, violence against girls, violence against women, invisibility,

I have nothing new to say. Just sharing my observation of an obvious truth.  A truth I am just now learning to notice. It is the painful truth … [Read more...]

Watch a Bunch of Black Women Cheering as Their Pastor Shouts, “These H*es Ain’t Loyal.”


My inbox has been peppered with messages about a sermon rendered by Pastor Jamal Bryant called “I’m My Enemies Worst Nightmare.” (yes, they wrote … [Read more...]