Meghan’s Dad: Thomas Markle is Trifiling

Written By Saran Lawson

The Royals are everywhere you click on the internet, and this site is no exception. An article popped up in the notifications if my phone that made me smh (shake my head). The subject was of course about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Specifically, Meghan’s dad Thomas Markle, who can’t seem to stay out of the limelight. I’m not sure what his deal is, but he sure has a hard-on for making his daughter’s life difficult. It’s weird because according to an article, Meghan and her dad were actually on good terms. He paid for her private school and some college fees. He also used his skills as a lighting director to help her as an aspiring actress, including getting her a small part on General Hospital. Which is why it’s so weird that now he is more than willing to sell photos to tabloids. Let alone, become so vocal and friendly with the press.

Toxic Thomas Markle Enters the Chat

The only connection I’m going to make with Kendra Wilkinson and Meghan Markle is how toxic their parents seem to be. Kendra’s mom and Meghan’s dad should have a race on who can sell their kid out to the tabloids the fastest. It’s utterly ridiculous that people who have toxic parents have to live their family drama out for the world to see. It’s almost like the parent is jealous that their child achieved the type of success that they wish they had. I find it goes one of two ways, the parent either makes the child fulfill a dream they had and turn them into one of those weird child stars. Or, they rat their famous child out to tabloid blogs and media for whatever slice of 15-minute fame that they can obtain. Thomas’s first known offense is when photos were published of him just before Meghan’s royal wedding. In a 2018 article, Harpers Bazaar discussed how Thomas faked paparazzi photos of him preparing for Meghan’s royal wedding

 Absent from The Royal Affair

Charlie Proctor shared a tweet that said, BREAKING: Kensington Palace has released a statement following the news that Thomas Markle will no longer be attending the #RoyalWedding.  Kensington palace sighted Thomas’s absence from the wedding would be due to health problems. However, Thomas spoke to TMZ and said himself that it was due to him selling photos to paparazzi in what he considered to be “stupid and hammy”. You would think this incident would set him on the straight and narrow, but guess who reappeared? That’s right, Thomas. He has given several interviews since this first incident. Most recently of him giving his 2 cents on Meghan and Prince Harry making the decision to step back from their royal duties. He apparently thinks that his daughter and her husband are turning the British Royal Family into “Walmart with a crown on it”. 

Thomas Markle On Her Coat Tail

What I find the saddest about Meghan’s estranged relationship with her father is that they were in a good place before all of this. It has long been known that money and fame can turn even the most decent people into circus clowns. However, I would like to know what happened to make Thomas turn against his daughter so quickly. All of the research I’ve done concerning he and his daughter include him being a decent parent before the royal wedding. I’m betting my money on him being a good father, but a terrible person before that point.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

You know, the type of person that is really only decent to their children. But, you could count on them to turn into the Grinch with anyone else? I can’t say that Thomas Markle is even one of those people. He comes off as sincere with his approach, just like a regular concerned person who wants the best. However, what he is doing is anything but. Meghan has a tough relationship with the media. As her father, you would think he would want to protect her in any way that he could. I would describe Meghan’s dad as the first person to sign up and throw her under the bus. Despite, pretending to be sorry that he sold his pictures of himself getting ready for her wedding to The Daily Mail. It seems to me that her father is looking to secure his own bag through his daughter. 


It’s going to be tough for Thomas Markle to get any information on his daughter for now. It won’t surprise me if he takes another route to get media attention. Once the Royals take their final bow in front of the media storm that is Megxit and their duties are officially over in the spring of this year, there should be less coverage of the Sussex’s. Meghan’s dad could be called to testify against his daughter in a lawsuit involving a British Tabloid. It won’t surprise me if he uses this opportunity to fan the flames. Nor will it surprise me if this is the final nail in their father-daughter relationship coffin. I wish the best always, but this isn’t looking good.

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