Sorry; Meghan Markle is Not Your Mule.

It seems that black women are at it again to police black women and their derivatives on how to be good little social justice warriors for “the race.” Professor and self-proclaimed womanist, Dr Gabriella Beckles-Raymond complained that Meghan Markle’s move away from her royal duties in exchange for her own peace and well being was the coward’s way out. According to Beckles-Raymond, she “jumped ship” and should have stayed in the U.K. to mule fight racism against black people.

No woman in the world is expected to remain subjected to constant racism, abuse, and betrayal like the black woman. She is supposed to endure all. Bear all. Take on everybody all while never complaining. And people wonder why some of us walk around so angry all the time.

Sorry folks. Muling makes you ugly. Meaghan doesn’t want to be ugly. Therefore, so won’t be doing any muling.


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