Oh Sh!t…Robin Thicke and Paula Patton Divorce!

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Well I guess some rumors you can believe, especially when they come on like a torrent. On the heels of Robin Thicke's success with his latest album … [Read more...]

Swirling In History: Vintage News Clippings of Couples Who Dared to Love When It Was Damn Scary

Raymond Stough and Beatrice Williams Wed in Chicago with 1000 guest  Jet Mag July 17, 1952

We don't need Black History Month to know about swirling black women throughout history.  But since it is February, and I like history I thought it … [Read more...]

What We Thought All Along! Internet Trolls are Sociopaths, Narcissists, and Sadists

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And people wonder why we moderate the hell out of this blog.  This just in from Slate... In the past few years, the science of Internet … [Read more...]

YAAAEESS! Bruno Mars Is a Multi-racial Dose of Deliciousness!

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Okay, the game was a complete blowout, and it seems as if the Seahawks were the only ones who showed up to play and actual game. The highlight, hands … [Read more...]

Such a Shame; Such a Waste…Philip Seymour Hoffman, Dead at 46

Philip Seymour Hoffman, Capote, death, overdose, RIP, New York, Hunger Games, Mission Impossible, drugs, mental illness, rehab, actor, award winning, father, heroin,

Do you ever notice that the most brilliant amongst us are often slaves to their own internal torment? I was shocked to hear that Philip Seymour … [Read more...]

Cheerios Does it Again, Dropping Major Dough for Super Bowl Ad


Poking a dollar-wrapped finger into the eye of haters across America, Cheerios will  bring back the interracial family that brought so much … [Read more...]

Married Couples Abuse Kids Too: Wife Tortures Teen Family Member Receives 31 Years in Prison

Viviana Gunn, Brandon Gunn, Jordan Gunn, abuse, arrest, torture, beating, child abuse, whipping, pipe, rescue, court, husband, wife, brother in law

I get a certain type of hot under the collar when I read about child abuse. Having been raised in foster care, I recall many nights of being woken … [Read more...]

Tamera Mowry Gets Called “White Man’s Whore.” Yes; That’s What’s Happening.

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Tamara Mowry got candid on Oprah about being called a  "white man's bed wench," and Tia is a "true black woman," because she married a black … [Read more...]

Interracial Families Spotlighted on Katie Couric

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Take a look at the couple who started the page, "We Are the 15 Percent," and comic and  friend of BB&W, Alex Barnett talk about the increase of … [Read more...]

…And THIS is Why We Moderate the Hell Out of BB&W


I remember in the early days of BB&W, hungry to get an audience and engage my readers, I made a rookie mistake: I let trolls have their say in … [Read more...]

Hard to Learn When You’re So Hard-Headed…Apparently Marissa Alexander Wants to Go Back to Jail.


I can not believe this. Marissa Alexander, the woman who fired a warning shot at her husband and received a 20-year prison sentence that was later … [Read more...]