Black women still support R. Kelly, and water is wet.

Written by Nicole J.

News recently broke that the disgraced R. Kelly performed a 28 second long set for $100. I don’t know or care if it was $100 per person in attendance or per brain cell lost giving money to this degenerate. The fact remains that Robert does not deserve any support, least of all from a black woman, at all. I didn’t bother looking up the demographics of his audience, either, as I can take a pretty educated guess who was in the majority.

So, I will just say this.

If you, a black woman, despite the testimonies, controversies and evidence presented during this whole R. Kelly debacle, continue to support this dude, you are a moron.

There’s not much else to say, really. I simply cannot grasp the devotion some of these women have to a dude they likely have never met. I would have said “who wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire”, but…he might.

It boggles my mind that people are more dedicated to this guy because of some songs he wrote/sang. Is that all it takes to earn this visceral, undying, unyielding loyalty from you? A tune and a beat? If that’s the case, no wonder black women and girls are collectively in the miserable state we’re in; it’s no surprise we have no first line of defense. All for the dude who believed he could fly?

Let’s say you don’t believe the women that came forward to tell their story. Why is it that Robert, who is has become synonymous with urinating on underage girls, gets the benefit of the doubt over black women and girls? I genuinely want to know.

Rob still has over a million followers on Instagram. And for that reason, unfortunately Rob, and the men like him, are not going anywhere. Black women are too invested in uplifting black men at any cost, even if it costs them their own daughters.

If we don’t collectively stop defending, supporting, and covering for degeneracy within the community, that will only give rise to more abusers getting away with the abuse of black women and girls.

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