Pedos in the Papers: Jeffrey Epstein and R. Kelly

Written by Nicole J.

Convicted pedophile and horse-faced sex offender Jeffrey Epstein apparently died of “suicide” in his Manhattan cell today, and it’s disappointing it went down that way because now the secrets about other abusers running rampant in the world might have died with him. 2019 seems to be a year of pedophiles revealing themselves and facing consequences for their degeneracy, a trend I hope continues.

What lessons can we learn from this recent turn of events?

First of all, call me a conspiracy theorist, but I don’t believe for a minute that this was a suicide. With high profile friends such as presidents, prime ministers, and princes rumored to be in Jeff’s dossier of depravity, it would not take much for a guard to look the other way, or for a fellow inmate to carry out a hit, or a coroner to falsify or embellish a cause of death, and for any remaining loose ends to be tidily tied up to keep secrets…well, secret. Hell, with the funds behind him, he may still be alive somewhere with a new identity to start a life anew. Either way, he is a coward and I hope his hellfire is cranked all the way up to roast his evil ass for all time.

Though the scale of crimes committed is not quite the same, there are some similarities and differences between the “deceased” and another pest in the news, R. Kelly.

Sadly because of their wealth and connections, both males were able to escape any significant punishment for their crimes. These two males were not acting alone, and there are more perverts in their circle who kept their secrets and preyed on young children, or allowed it to continue, right alongside them. Conversely, to my knowledge, there wasn’t much of a concerted effort to release Jeff or give him the benefit of the doubt. When R. Kelly’s crimes are brought up, it is met by comments condemning his actions, with a side of “well, white people do it too!!!” or mentioned alongside how much impact his music had, as if to soften the blow of the allegations made against him. There is also a dash of victim-blaming those “fast-behind girls” that should have known better at all of 15 years old. Somehow R. Kelly’s accusers are presumed to be the guilty ones, which is a sad testament to how sexual abuse of black girls is treated in our community.

I haven’t seen any social media posts proclaiming how meaningful Jeffrey’s contribution to financial services was, or saying that “we need both sides of the story”. For the sake of further comparison, I looked up #freejeffreyepstein on Twitter, and found a total of nine tweets, two of which appear to be from a troll account. The #freerkelly tag had way too many tweets to count, the earliest being in 2009 (I did a lot of scrolling) with a preponderance of posts by black women declaring that they are “praying for him” in this truly difficult time, and wishing him to stay strong during his latest stint behind bars.

Jeffrey was dropped by his affluent associates after the lawsuits started rolling in. Compare that to Robert, who still has the support of black women, who only know him through his music, evidenced by them taking his side over his victims, or by that one black woman bailing him out to the tune of $100,000 and other women thanking her for her service. Robert still has over a million followers each, on Instagram and Twitter, and the few posts that he allows comments on are littered with heart and (unironic) fire emojis, with middle finger and vomit emojis in smaller numbers. Since he allegedly can’t read I guess emojis are the best way to communicate with him.

I understand that you may disagree with many of the talking points you might see on this platform, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: black women need to STOP DEFENDING DEGENERACY. The community would look better in mere months if black women cut off the molesters, the abusers, the criminals, regardless of if they share a skin tone or bloodline with you.

All pedophiles are deserving of punishment in this life, the next, and the one after that. To take the side of any abuser because you like his work or because he is black like you, only sets up the next generation to be consumed.

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