A “Twisted” Commentary On Black Women As TV Love Interests


I confess, as someone who doesn't watch ABC Family (the programming is a bit "young" for me much of the time), the show "Twisted" was not on my radar. … [Read more...]

Chris Noth, Looking HOT, Says His Biracial Son is “Natural Evolution,” But “Black Media” Does Typical Fear Mongering.


This morning I did my usual rounds of news gathering and came across a post from Clutch, sort of suggesting that "Sex and the City" actor, Chris Noth … [Read more...]

On Your Guard: The ‘Blacklash’ Has Begun. Violence Against BW/WM Couples and Families Trending.


Last week, news came in from the U.K. that a biracial child was snatched from a stroller and received a broken collar bone because some BEAST didn't … [Read more...]

Black Women: How BOLD Are You? Steps to Show You How.

Posing Young Woman

Something I've been working on is my level of mental and emotional boldness. I don't mean being brash or careless, but bold. To be bold and be a black … [Read more...]

“Father Hunger” The Cause of Many Womens’ Relationship Woes


‘Father Hunger’: How His Absence Affects His Daughters Tips for Breaking the Cycle of Unhealthy Relationships for Women by Dee Louis-Scott In … [Read more...]

Letter From a Reader: “Where Were Rachel Jeantel’s People?!”


Dear Christelyn, So as I'm reading threads about Rachel Jeantel's testimony at the George Zimmerman trial and how she is being judged as … [Read more...]

Butt Naked While Brown: Perfection, Normalcy and Taboo….(NSFW)

Does Black Skin Equal Dirty? I ask that question after an exchange on the front porch (Facebook) that occurred after I posted the link to … [Read more...]

Dark Girls Documentary Hits Home For Some

dark beauty

By now most of us have seen or heard of the much anticipated documentary Dark Girls that aired on the OWN Sunday evening repeating last night.  I sat … [Read more...]

Congressional Hopeful Erika Harold Is No “Street Walker”!

erika harold

For years I have proudly waved the GOP banner and defended party politics to an extent.   I am not one to make excuses for a proven racist Republican, … [Read more...]

Recap of All the WTF News We Missed Last Week…

Paula Deen Diabetes

Last week was full of WTF news that we at BB&W didn't get a chance to discuss, but the news is just too big to be ignored. Here's a list of what … [Read more...]

Weekend Read: “Miss Dreamsville and the Collier County Women’s Literary Society”

Miss Dreamsville Cover Final

   One my name is dora Witherspoon but most folks know mme as the turtle lady. a long time ago, i rescued a snapping turtle the size of a truck … [Read more...]