“Walking Dead” Hook Up Discussion Thread!

I haven’t watched Walking Dead since the second season, but regulars are doing the happy dance about this coupling:



The Recap from TooFab:

The episode ends with Rick and Michonne kicking back on the couch to go over the events of the day. It’s a rare moment of relaxation on this show, as we see them both slouch in their seats while commiserating.

“I just want to turn my brain off for a minute,” Rick says, echoing most of us after a long day’s work.

He gives her breath mints (she had asked for toothpaste on their run) … and then they hold hands. The moment lingers, they look into each other’s eyes and BAM, they kiss. It quickly escalates from there, with both Rick and Michonne laughing about the absurdity of what they’re doing. That being said, they both deserve it!

So…who’s in here feeling these two?

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