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Are Your Hormones Getting You In Trouble at Work?

It’s not a subject we women like to talk about, because the stakes are high in the corporate world–any sign of weakness can stifle or arrest your career progress. And while women are making great strides in the workplace, our biology hasn’t changed with legislation. Hormones can seriously affect how you react to stress and interact with co-workers. That tiny slight when your boss forgot to invite you to lunch with the rest of her minions? Well, depending on your hormonal cycle, this could be a minor or major upset for you. Your boss giving you some constructive criticism on how you could have better managed that account? Could send you to the bathroom in tears and lead to awkward silences around your neighboring cubicles.

For me, I’m most vulnerable to minor irritants becoming all out battles about a week before my mental cycle. Not only am I more sensitive, I’m also less patient and more likely to snap at people.

Hormones can also affect your self control. Imagine quitting in a fit of frustration that was hormonally influenced that you’ll regret later.


It’s a hard thing to talk about, because women are often mocked for “being on the rag” in order to explain emotional outbursts. So…why not be aware of when your hormones are in flux by simply installing an app on your phone that tracks your cycle?

Apps like Fertility Friend tracks your period as well as your fertility window, so it works double duty in helping you now when to be extra careful with your birth control during the most likely time of the month you can get pregnant. Other features it includes:



You can upgrade to iPeriod Ultimate to access more than 80 symptoms and moods, email export, data backup, graphs and no ads. The amazing Visual Calendar of iPeriod makes it easy to view all the menstrual cycles at a glance.

It helps in predicting ovulation and fertility, and alerts if your period is late or expected. Simply enter period for two consecutive cycles and the app predicts next period expected, ovulation and fertile days. Statistics are updated when new data is entered.


Pink Pad Period & Fertility Tracker Free

This app tracks your cycle and taps you into a social network. Plus it’s just super cute.

This app was developed by Alt 2 Apps, LLC. It is a period and fertility tracker and social health network for all the women. The features of this app include: Period Tracking, Women’s Health network, Health & Fertility Shop, Fertility Charting, Health Reminders and more.


Add fertile days and predicted period to native calendar on your phone. The graphics are high-resolution retina and look awesome on all the devices.

Monthly Cycles
It is a personalized and simple tool to track, manage and monitor your monthly menstrual cycles.


The program calculates fertile days and the possible fluctuations of your menstrual cycle are considered, helps in avoiding unwanted pregnancy or find the most prospective days to conceive a girl or boy. The period calculation is powerful and has streamlined user interface.

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