So…Slavery Was More Benevolent When Africans and Arabs (still) Do It?

People like to romanticize slavery between blacks from Africa, as if we were somehow more benevolent than the transcontinental slave trade. That African slavery treated their slaves more like family than servants. Really? Because this is about the 50-11th story about some Nigerian family in America enslaving a woman against her will, and if she’s treated like family, someone needs to call CPS.

Take a look. Nigerian couple faces 60 years in prison. GOOD. From The Daily Beast:

They called her “the idiot.”

For two years, a 38-year-old nanny wasn’t allowed to wash her hair, take hot baths, or eat anything but leftover scraps, according to federal prosecutors. If her bosses didn’t like how she dressed their children, she was slapped and dragged by the hair.

Now a Texas couple is facing prison time for allegedly holding their Nigerian nursemaid hostage, forcing her to work 20 hours a day and tormenting her in a suburban Houston house of horrors.

On Monday, the feds nabbed Chudy Nsobundu, 56, and his wife, Sandra, 50, on charges of forced labor, visa fraud, withholding documents, and conspiracy to harbor an alien. If convicted, they face up to 60 years in prison.

The husband and wife were slated to be released on bond after appearing Tuesday in federal court, despite prosecutors warning the couple could be a flight risk, KPRC-TV reported.

Court papers reveal how the Nigerian-born husband and wife—both naturalized U.S citizens—allegedly lured their nanny into household slavery and physically and verbally abused her before she escaped by calling a human-trafficking hotline in October.

The woman, identified in the criminal complaint only as “A.E.,” emigrated from Lagos in September 2013 and moved into the couple’s five-bedroom residence in Katy, Texas—about 30 miles west of Houston.

Just a year before, according to the complaint, an acquaintance had introduced her to Sandra, who was adopting two babies in Nigeria and asked A.E. to provide child care. The woman watched the children in Nigeria for $100 a month until they moved to Texas.

The nanny—who has a grade-school-level education and cannot read or write Igbo proficiently—signed a five-year contract with the Nsobundu family, believing she would come to America to continue caring for the couple’s five children, the complaint alleges.

But once she arrived, her dreams for a better life turned into a nightmare.

Sandra allegedly snatched the woman’s passport and documents as soon as they left the airport, then forced the woman to throw away her clothes and belongings. The nanny’s only permitted possession would be a copy of her Bible, into which she secretly stashed her Nigerian voter’s card, prosecutors say.

The woman toiled from 5:30 a.m. until 1 a.m., cleaning the residence, cooking meals, and watching the kids. Sandra allegedly told her she was never allowed to watch TV, let alone sit down, on the clock.

According to prosecutors, the nanny wasn’t allowed fresh food and could only eat leftovers from the family’s prepared meals. On the rare occasions she had tea, she was forced to use milk strained out of the children’s cereal bowls.

Sandra often threatened to send the woman, who is unmarried and has no children, back to Nigeria, the complaint charges.

“During her employment, A.E. was subject to physical abuse… slapped and/or hit on the back of the neck one to two times a week by Mrs. Nsobundu… depending on what she did wrong,” a federal agent stated in an affidavit.

During one incident, Sandra allegedly struck the nanny for carrying the babies the wrong way. The woman said she lived in constant fear that Sandra would hit her left arm, which was broken years ago and never healed correctly. The Nsobundus had previously claimed they’d help her seek treatment for the injury, according to the complaint.

On Easter in 2015, Sandra allegedly dragged the nanny by her hair because the mother disapproved of the socks her 3-year-old daughter was wearing. Then the Mommie Dearest allegedly removed her slipper and slapped the nanny across the face with it.

“Mrs. Nsobundu then said she would shoot her and kill her for not taking care of the babies how she wanted them cared for,” the affidavit states. “A.E. felt pain from her hair being pulled and had bruising on her face from where the slipper hit her.”

 Well…I guess since they only hit her with shoes instead of the whip, and the man didn’t rape her repeatedly, it’s better. Softer and kinder ownership of humans.
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