Young Black Woman Physically Assaulted at Trump Rally. This What You Want?

When I saw this video of a young black woman physically assaulted at a Trump rally, I was horrified. Horrified to see a crowd of people who look like a throwback from a 1950’s lynch mob.

During the entire event, this young woman never strikes back. You see 100% grown white men pushing and calling her racial slurs. But she didn’t infiltrate a Klan rally. It was a Trump rally. I’m even more shocked that the mainstream media has not covered this…at all, and I find this extremely troubling.

These are the types of people attracted to Donald Trump, whether he’s actively courting them or not. Much of his rhetoric is like a dog whistle to the racist wing of the GOP, and there’s really no point in denying it.

Don’t get me wrong–I’m enjoying how Trump and his supporters have caused a panic in the Republican party, who have let the right wingers off the leash too long and now they will not be controlled. They used the Tea Party folks to rally the troops and made promises to them they never intended to keep just so they would blindly support any Republican candidate. Now those people are angry and feel used (because they were) and Trump is their guy, because he can say xenophobic, misogynistic, and fascist comments seemingly without any consequences.

But I cannot abide what I see in this video, and the media’s silence on this is chilling.

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