In the Wake of Newtown: Chicago Mother Loses All Four Children to Gun Violence

Mother of four children

Amidst all of the hustle and bustle of of Congress' jumbled talk about gun policy, the black community is yet reminded of the dire consequences … [Read more...]

Israeli Government Tacitly Admits to Medical Malpractice On Ethiopian Women


Last month, an investigative journalist reported that Jewish Ethiopian women awaiting immigration to Israel in transit camps in Ethiopia were given … [Read more...]

Commentary on the Crooked Room: Shame on You Black Girl…(Part 1)

sad black girl

This multi-part series covering Melissa Harris-Perry's book, Sister Citizen: Shame, Stereotypes, and Black Women in America, has discussed three main … [Read more...]

White Gun Advocates Ask Blacks “What Would Django Do?” Yes. This is Real.


Frankly, I am tired of talking about Quentin Tarantino's film, Django Unchained. But, here I am, talking about it again. Why you ask? Well, because … [Read more...]

Does Lifting a Ban on Women in Combat Help with Gender Equality in the Military?

women in military

The US military has always been a hotbed for a host of socio-political issues like racism, ageism, and, of course, sexism. Gender equality is a … [Read more...]

“Jezebel” Gives Me a Concrete Example of Why I Hate Some Facets of Modern Feminism


I'll admit that lately I've been on a bit of a rant about modern feminism, and this post is more of the same, so if you're tired of hearing it I … [Read more...]

Is it Okay for ‘Black’ People to Compare President Obama to MLK? Some Say No…

obama and king

Yesterday was Inauguration Day. It was also Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. If you missed it, check out my previous post. Oddly enough, there were a … [Read more...]

What Did You Think About President Obama’s Second and Final Inauguration?

Obama 2nd Term

Today, Monday, January 21st, was the second and final inauguration of this nation's 44th President, President Barack Obama. It was a star-studded … [Read more...]

Daniel Patrick Moynihan Predicted the Future of the Black Family But Too Few People Actually Listened

The Negro Family: The Case for National Action, the 78-page report written by a then 38-year old Daniel Patrick 'Pat' Moynihan, an assistant secretary … [Read more...]

President Obama Pushes Strict Gun Control and the NRA Attacks Sasha and Malia

sasha and malia

After the horrible tragedies in Newtown, Connecticut last month, a barrage of politically driven banter became the commonplace dialogue on gun control … [Read more...]

Messages from ‘Django Unchained’: The Black ‘Damsel’, the ‘Django Moment’, and Phrenology’s Centerstage Show


Now that Django is released in the UK, let's start spoiling it for real. Before writing my last post on Quentin Tarantino's film "Django … [Read more...]