How Do Black Women Respond When Someone “Pulls Rank”?


This post is a bit tricky because it deals with the issue of  intersectionality. I strongly suggest people read up on the term and who is impacted. I … [Read more...]

Expansion of Background Checks: Dead or on Delay?


The tragic and highly publicized issues with gun violence in this country have recently prompted huge debate in Congress.  Though originally centered … [Read more...]

New Study Reveals 72% of Women Don’t Call Themselves Feminists

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It looks like the discussions we have had about feminism on this blog have not happened in a vacuum. The debate continues about whether many--NOT … [Read more...]

REVISITED in light of Trayvon Martin verdict

Black Murder Versus White Murder: Why Jamie Foxx Haters Represent More Than Racial Hatred

jamie foxx trayvon shirt

This post was originally published on April 16, 2013. Temporarily pinned as relevant to the recent Trayvon Martin verdict.   DISCLAIMER: … [Read more...]

First Black/White Prom at Georgia High School Proves Race is Still an Issue

integrated prom - Wilcox County, GA

Imagine this. It is 2013. You are a black high school student. You've grown up in the same county, with all the same friends, and in the same … [Read more...]

Did President Obama Owe Kamala Harris an Apology?

obama and harris

Kamala Harris is a gorgeous, intelligent, and attractive black woman. The California Attorney General has been a long time supporter of President … [Read more...]

The Feminist Backlash Continues: Princeton Alumn Advises Women to Seek Out Their Future Husbands in College


Princeton University alumna, Susan Patton just came out publicly to say something I've been telling all of you since, well...since I've been here. … [Read more...]

A Different “Defense of Marriage”

wedding rings

It's been suggested that we release "marriage" from government, give it entirely & symbolically over to religious institutions, and use civil … [Read more...]

BB&W Sound Off: Is the Gay Marriage Debate Just Like Lovings Vs. Virginia?

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Since I've come back from vacation, I've been seeing my Facebook timeline dotted with profile pictures that look like this: And since there was … [Read more...]

To Whom It May Concern: Black Skin Is “International”.


I admit, I had fallen off the fashion reality show bandwagon long before Tyra completely lost her mind with these latest seasons of "America's Next … [Read more...]