Beyond Black & White Fan Page is Under Attack Again. Time to Go to War.

Not even a week since we launched Beyond Black & White The Rebirth, and we’re already under attack. As you know, the last page was deleted by a concerted effort of trolls who unjustly reported and complained to Facebook until we were shut down. The reason the haters did this? Because we tell uncomfortable truths about what goes on in the black community that makes some folks just too uncomfortable.

With the inception of the new page, while there has been ZERO content that is hate speech, they have now changed tactics and are coming into the page to instigate fights and start debate topics on thread…

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 10.08.01 AM

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 9.19.47 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 2.39.46 PM

Here’s another. I’m just going to add screenshots of all the hate to PROVE what is going on here. There can no longer be any speculation.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 12.25.07 PM

You guys, this is not a prank. This is not a gag. This is a full-on act of social media terror. Our page is INNOCENT, and we are being stalked and bullied into silence. Those who mock me said I was being “dramatic.” Really? Wait until those people have their pages attacked. Because make no mistake, the enemy is emboldened. They took me down, and now they WILL come for you.

These people want a war, they got one. I may be feminine, but I am not WEAK. WE are not weak. I was going to keep this to myself, but I think it’s appropriate to announce that BB&W just acquired the domain, BeyondBlackWhiteForums.com. We are now in the process of site construction. This will be a real, live SEPARATE forum (think Long Hair Care Forum and (gasp) LipStickAlly) just for our community, where we can discuss the topics important to our community without FEAR of someone TEARING DOWN WHAT WE BUILT. So all this reporting to Facebook will be in vain, because what we are building there CAN NOT be torn down. But it will have to be a community effort. We will charge a nominal fee of $9.99 per year for site upkeep. In closing, trolls have done me a favor. They have reminded me of the tremendous support we have built over the years from people, like me, who REFUSE to be silenced. You BW haters have BlackMenVent, and TheColi, etc. Our light will shine on OUR space, so all this effort you’re putting into destroying our community is only galvanizing us to make it stronger and iron-clad protected. You have won NOTHING.

But I need you help. If you really care about this community, you have to FIGHT for it, same as I am.

Here’s the summary of the campaign:

Many of you are aware that the original Beyond Black & White Facebook fan was disbanded by a group of haters who organized to unrightfully flag and report all of our posts so that we would be booted over sheer quantity of complaints. We now have a new page, but we are STILL under attack. People are coming to our page SPECIFICALLY to intigate fights so that they can run to report hate speech to Facebook. Make no mistake, these people don’t want to silence the fan page solely, they want to silence our entire message. They DO NOT want us to talk about how black women should maximize their options dating interracially. They DON’T want us to talk about the victimization and exploitation of black women by perpetrators in our OWN communities. They DO NOT want us to talk about the rampant out-of-wedlock rate and how it leaves black women vulnerable and mired in poverty. They DO NOT want us to talk about how some segments of the community are hell-bend on black women being the mules of the race and to never desire and deign to rise above their station.

The only hope we have of protection against these attacks is to insulate ourselves in communities that we OWN. Facebook is a “rental,” and we can be evicted at any time, for unjust cause and false accusations. With our forum, no one can come in a take away the community, support, personal stories and essential coversations we have in our community. We can not let them win. First, Beyond Black & White, and then watch all of your favorite black female empowerment pages be attacked and disappear. Make no mistake–we’re all in danger.

We did an estimate of costs for the forum…approximately $1,000.

Domain name and hosting: $41.88
Puchase of forum software: $250.00
Graphic Design and layout: $300.00
Labor cost of web person: $60.00 per hour

So I’m asking for your help to keep our space sacred. Any little bit helps. Let’s go!

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