Conservative White Men Married to Black Women Sound Off on Jesse Peterson Bigotry

People should really do their homework when they come for this community, because I find that you folks are truly galvanized to protect what’s yours!! After the disaster of an interview with the “Reverend” Jesse Peterson and his screeching, bigoted caller, you all wrote in to ask the host and producers some HARD questions. So many of you wrote, that they were compelled to respond, which sounded like a whole lot of back tracking.


But anyone with a scrap of sense knows what they heard in that original interview. I informed Jesse’s producer on Twitter that they have offended countless conservative men and women interracially married by calling their unions a “liberal agenda” and that folks who engage in such relationships are “damaged.” Here’s what a few of them wrote to the “good reverend.” Once you read, you’ll realize that conservatives aren’t “inherently racist.” But the small group in the corner often make it more difficult to communicate that message. Lucky for them, I believe in reciprocation! Once you read, you’ll realize that these TRUE gentlemen are not only willing to speak up for what’s right, they are also willing to stand up and for OUR honor. These men are my heroes.


Ms. Karazin,

I’ve recently started watching your videos on YouTube, and I find them very interesting and entertaining. I admire how you’re taken your own person experience and entrepreneurial drive, and turned it into a production company. Your most recent video regarding your interview with Jesse Lee Peterson was especially interesting, but painful for me because I’m a very conservative person, who strongly believes in conservative principles.

I went ahead and listened to your radio interview with Mr. Peterson, and after less than 15 minutes I couldn’t take it any longer. He played into just about every racial stereotype you could think of, which really caught me by surprise. He was obviously unprepared for your interview, and he also seemed to have little to no personal experience to draw from to help him through it. His efforts were a big fat fail.Conservative principles and lifestyle are actually very compatible with interracial relationships because, although conservatives get a bad rap for racial insensitivity, the truth is, people are more important than race to them. Popular media constantly rants that conservatives don’t care about blacks, the truth is that they don’t care that a person happens to be black, brown, white or whatever. What the person aspires to be is a whole lot more important, and putting your spouse and family above all other issues is very much to the same point.When I hear you touch on the differences of race and culture it grabs my attention. Perhaps you have done this already and I have missed it, but I would really like to see you do a feature on race and culture and their individual influences on relationships. In many of your video blogs it seems to be the elephant in the room that only occasionally get its trunk in the frame of the camera.

On a personal note, I happen to be white, and I’ve been married to wonderful person for over 18 years who happens to be black. We met on the “L”, (subway and elevated train system), in Chicago and were married 15 months later. We’ve since moved to the suburban Detroit area and are busy raising our family.
Please keep up your good work.

Andrew Isble


I don’t know if you heard the “Black Bill O’rielly”show today but I tried my best to stick up for what’s right. Typically, my words were twisted and the larger content of my message was ignored. That said, he walked some of his comments back!

It is not God’s will that I be on the radio. I will lend no further credibility to his cause. If I see a snake and pick it up I can expect to be bitten. I won’t do it. Anyway, I hope you know that there are plenty of people that listen and are willing to fight the good fight .

Rev. Dave

Rev. Peterson,

Would you please define the nature of a traditional relationship or marriage for me? I have always seen it defined by the religious right as a relationship or marriage between a man and a woman. Nothing more and nothing less. Perhaps I missed something in the Bible? Some things aren’t so clear in scripture but that sure seems to be.

How can an interracial relationship or marriage be agaisnt God for no other reason than the fact that it exists? How is it an attack on the family? How does it degrade the morals of people? How does it defy the written Word? The old testament is filled with stories of righteous men and women who married outside their respective people.

I am shocked and offended by the position you seem to have taken on interracial relationships. Particularly your racist and unfounded attacks on black women. Black, white, latin, asian, native, or other, we are American. We are the We People. We are a people under God.

Please apologize for your undignified and racist remarks.

Yours in Christ,
Rev. David S. Hill Jr.


To the Rev. Jesse Peterson,

It has come to my attention that you had a Mrs. Christelyn Karazin on your show and things didn’t go so well. I’m disappointed to hear that.

My wife and I have been married for 18 years now and have 3 beautiful, healthy children together. We were both Christians when we met and have been serving in the church together as long as we’ve been together. Before I met her, my prayer was that God bring me the best potential wife and most Godly woman that he could find that would be
that very best help-mate possible for me as the scriptures proclaim a wife should be. I left my prayers in God’s hands. Not long after that I met my wife to be….I’m sure you can guess by now where I’m going with this. She happened to be black and I am white. I understand now this doesn’t jive with your idea of a “traditional” marriage, but I really don’t care about the use of that word according to my marriage because after 18 years of being with her, there’s no doubt in my mind she was the one for me. An army of nay-sayers couldn’t convince me other wise. I have all the proof from God on this that I feel I need.

This brings me to my next point. As a believer, I don’t want those who share my faith in Christ and who are supposed to be shepherding me focusing harder on my skin than on my soul. If that’s what’s going on, then I know their heart and priorities as Pastors and leaders are not in the right place. The Church (as I know you are aware) is under attack on all sides as it’s always been by the wiles of the enemy and we have much bigger problems and bigger fish to fry than a few white dudes married to some “sisters”. We have anti-God movements by all sorts of communities that are anti-Christian and against the Church going on all across this nation. Interracial marriages, where the man and woman are both Christians are NOT part of those negative groups and should not be lumped in as such. Interracial couples who are
Christians should be loved, discipled and shepherded like any other.

I’m not sure what your motives were for bringing Christelyn on your show and agreeing with callers you had on there that our kinds of marriages are not of God. I hope it wasn’t nefarious because if it was, I truly feel you should go back and pray and ask God to deal with you on this issue and soften your heart or open your mind up a bit.

If you are truly serving God brother, I wish you the best. It is my humble opinion that your time could’ve been better served that day, then going off on Christelyn’s and my types of marriages. We are NOT the enemy…and as far as my wife and I are concerned, we are part of the Church. WE are your brother and sister in Christ, whether you want
to see us in that way or not based on my skin.

I hope this e-mail finds it way to you and P.S. ….maybe we shouldn’t speak of “totem polls” and where people should be placed on them (women or men). Doesn’t that seem contrary to the Kingdom of God and everything that Jesus taught? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to preference. Personality and everything else on the inside that is good in us comes from God (as I know you already know as a Pastor).

I wish you all the best in your ministry, brother (as long as you don’t target marriages like mine in a negative manner). Then, my prayers would have to go to other ministries who I feel are purer in
aim and goal.

In Jesus name,

Samuel Girard
United States Air Force (Retired)

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