QOTW: Should White Guys Date ‘Sister Soldiers?’

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The question…

Getting to know a nice African American woman.  She is terrific – she graduated with honors from an elite liberal arts college in the Midwest – and has a law degree from an elite historically black college and university.  She not only is educated, this lady is driven – she is the sole proprietor of a law firm in Washington, DC – and she does ever well professionally and financially.  She’s also very attractive – believes in giving back to her community – and is reverent towards God.

Part of her law practice deals with civil rights – and she’s a damn good civil rights attorney.  Sometimes I see her profession trail into our conversations (which is cool – because we all like to talk about our profession).  It seems, though, based on current events (the multiple shootings by police), many of our conversations trail back to race/ethnicity/nationality – which would be natural based on her profession.

I’d like some advice on how to deal with some of the sensitive race conversations.  Here is an example:

She recently told me that one of her childhood friends (in an interracial marriage), who was physically abused by her husband – and she said that if a white man did that to her, she’d really go after him (maybe more so than a black man).  I’m cognizant of our nation’s past in that the white folk in our country enslaved black folk – at the same time, I think it’s horrible that a person of any race physically abuses another.  Talk to me about how to approach a scenario like this.

I think this is a woman has put her career on hold – like me – and I think we are a great match – we are similar educationally, professionally, values, etc.  And I’m going to continue to pursuing this woman 😉  But talk how to handle some of these race relations conversations that come up.

Thank you 😉
Here’s my take…

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