As Much as I Love Christian Bale, I WON’T Be Watching “Exodus: Gods and Kings.”

…And neither should you.

Hollywood has a looooong history of white-washing biblical stories that originated on or around the continent of Africa, so much so that Egyptian history is part of the Western History curriculum. There are some people who have no idea that Egypt is in AFRICA, and the average citizen looks like this…


Not this…


In ancient Egypt, people ranged from brown to ebony, and dark AFRICAN peoples where in positions of power and status, and not subjugated to slavery and thievery.

So looking at the cast of “Exodus,” I notice a marked absence of dark brown people in the cast, but the most glaring race reappropriation is that of Zipporah, Moses’ Ethiopian wife, who is being played by Spanish actress, María Valverde.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 6.59.39 AM


Wait. Hold up. Moses’ wife was Ethiopian. The average Ethiopian woman looks like this…





Ethiopian woman

In an age where interracial relationships are more accepted that ever before in history, I can’t understand WHY Hollywood chose to cast Moses’ AFRICAN wife with a white woman from Madrid. This should be a major slap in the face for the IRR community, regardless of gender. Do these people STILL believe that a casting a black woman next to a white man in legitimate matrimony will cost them ticket sales?

And don’t get me started at the casting of Sigourney Weaver as Tuya, the mother of Rameses, king of Egypt. What Hollywood is telling the world is that brown and black people are too inferior to even play THEMSELVES!!!! Hollywood believes no one would see a movie accurately depicted by the people it’s in reference to, with the ONLY exception being slave movies, which movie execs have absolutely NO PROBLEM depicting black folks with pinpoint historical accuracy. It’s only the major accomplishments of brown and black people that whites want to claim as their own.

I find it disgusting. And I won’t be watching.

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