Five Reasons Sociopaths Are So Good In Bed

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He takes you to a five-star hotel and whispers to the concierge before you go into the room. You have drinks and he won't take his eyes--almost … [Read more...]

Lesson: Black Chicks Need to Know When Non-Black Men are Hitting on Them!

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I continue to be amazed about how many young girls really are clueless about dating. This isn't anything to be ashamed about--this is easily fixed. … [Read more...]

Author of “Black Girls Guide to Dating White Men” Dishes on Her Experience Using Tinder

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My buddy and fellow IR author, Niki McElroy, author of  A Black Girls Guide to Dating White Men, recently took an 8-month ride on Tinder, the popular … [Read more...]

Halle Berry Rumored Split Leads Me to Ask, “At What Point is Problem Really YOU?”

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Apologies in advance to #TeamHalle stans, but I'm scratching my head about the news that Halle Berry might be splitting from yet another partner, … [Read more...]

How Self Described “Good Guys” Usually Aren’t Good for You

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I'm the type of female that listens with her Spidey sense when it comes to men attempting to state their case on why I should consider them a … [Read more...]

Fear of Social Consequences Squelches Relationship Before It Starts. What Do You Do?

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I just saw this response from a guy who commented on this post, and I thought it warranted a separate discussion: Sounds like this guy has some … [Read more...]

Lovely in Lavender: Claire and Phil

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Look at Phil and Claire's beautiful wedding photographs.  It seemed very well planned, simple and elegant.  I found these on Hitched.  Enjoy these … [Read more...]

QOTW: White Guys Asks, “Does My Gorgeous, Black Co-Worker Like Me?”

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The question: On the 3rd day of my new job I met the most beautiful and sexy woman I have ever met. She is black. It was very brief and before I … [Read more...]

Tyrese Gibson Speaks on DBR Men “They Love Low Standard Women Because They’re Easy”

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What will it take for some women to realize that some dudes just aren't worth having? The comment section will routinely blow up during conversations … [Read more...]

Why are Black Women Mocked If Their Non-Black Mates Don’t Look Like Adonis?

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I remember having conversations with some of my black girlfriends back in the day (way before I knew I’d marry interracially) about what it would take … [Read more...]

QOTW: “How Can I Tell If He Likes Me?!”

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The question... I enjoy watching all of your videos!! I am black and 19 years old. In a couple of weeks I will  be 20 years old. I live in Alabama. … [Read more...]