Matthew Hussey Talks “Interracial Awakenings” Part II


As promised, here's the conclusion of the chat I had with Matthew Hussey earlier this month. I'm just warning you...something he's going to say at the … [Read more...]

All’s Fair In Love And War: Swirl Edition, Interracial Dating Saboteurs


There are few areas of life as competitive as love. For example, did you know the reason sexy British swirler David Bowie has his trademark eyes is … [Read more...]

Swirling, Young, Beautiful and Disabled?

Whitney Mitchell & boyfriend Garrett

 Whitney and Garrett at the Alamo In light of the wonderful discussion prompted by a QOTW that stumped our wise one, I could not help think of the … [Read more...]

Jenn M. Jackson Says, “Cheerios Commercial Philosophers, Have Several Seats”

cheerios ad little girl

Originally posted on Water Cooler Convos. Several folks have reached out to me wondering my opinion about the Cheerios ad heard 'round the world in … [Read more...]

Help! This QOTW Has Me Stumped!!


Because of the sensitive nature of this writer's situation, I feel like I need to not be quick to offer platitudes about how "every foot has a shoe," … [Read more...]

Women are Winning in the Workplace…Kind of

Multi-racial business team sitting around an office boardroom

The Pew Research Center released a report last week under the headline “Breadwinner Moms.” The census-based report detailed findings that 4 in 10 … [Read more...]

Leona’s Love Quest Part XXIII- Meet Me in St. Louis!


Greetings from St. Louis! I landed a much better gig than the one I did last summer in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and without the threat of wildfires … [Read more...]

Matthew Hussey and I Talk “Interracial Awakenings,” Part I


I'm convinced Matthew and I can not do a video together without bursting out laughing. This is one, you'll like, promise. ;-) … [Read more...]

Have A Seat, Bigots: No Self-Respecting Swirl-Minded Person Is Checking For You!


I was initially going to write a post in response to this hilarious hot mess of an article. But given the recent influx of misplaced members of the … [Read more...]

John McCain’s Son Marries a Black Woman. Let’s Dissect This, Shall We?

Megan McCain and her brother, Jack, aka Mr. Hawtness.

First, I had NO idea John McCain's son was so friggin HAWT! Let's pause to gander: And here's the summary via People magazine (yes' … [Read more...]

Zoe Saldana and Marco Perego Take Their Relationship Public in Italy

Zoe Saldana and Marco Perego kissing in Capri, Italy. Image via the New York Post.

It looks like Zoe Saldana has thrown her I'm-so-androgynous-I-might- raise-my-future-children-with-a-girlfriend spiel out the window. A few weeks … [Read more...]