QOTW: Quirky Girl Wants to Date Interracially. Some Tips…


Here's the question... I'm 30 yrs old and a grad student in college. I live in a pretty segregated city. I'm primarily interested in dating white … [Read more...]

Swirling Spy Thriller Author Tom Clancy Dies at 66

Tom and Alexandra 3

 Alex and Tom Clancy The world of high tech military espionage thriller fans lost one of the greats Tuesday when Tom Clancy died.  He wrote over 100 … [Read more...]

Is Marriage Only For The Rich?

doubtful bride

No, it's not only for the rich. One might think so after reading this article in the Atlantic. Gone are the Cinderella days when a poor or working … [Read more...]

Who Raped Chris Brown? Sexual Assault Has No Gender

The internet is buzzing about the latest oral slip up coming from Public Enemy Number #1 also known as Chris Brown. Now I'm so sure this isn't a … [Read more...]

QOTW: Her First Interracial Relationship, Long Distance

young girl shrugging

I'm 20 years old and a college student. I recently went on vacation and ended up meeting this amazing guy. We are opposites on the outside and a … [Read more...]

Meet the Lewis’, Rumored Cast for Much-Anticipated Swirl Reality Series

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Feast your eyes upon Brian and Tara Lewis, soon-to-be the stars of an upcoming reality series featuring interracial families. How long have we prayed … [Read more...]

Man Candy Monday: Byung-Hun Lee

Good, the Bad, the Weird, the_Lee Byung-hun

I was hooked the moment I first saw Bruce Lee as a wee babe. Since that time Asian men have secretly been on my internal male objectification radar. … [Read more...]

Black Women, Swirling, and Self-Sabotage


Saturday I got the kick-ass pleasure of attending the Atlanta premier of My Last Day Without You, starring Nicole Beharie (Sleepy Hollow, anyone?) and … [Read more...]

Leona’s Love Quest Part XXVI- Bruised but not Broken


  Sweet Jesus, the last six weeks of my life have been exasperating! Once I returned from St. Louis I had only 5 days to pack up my belongings … [Read more...]

Anthony Robinson, Founder of iloveblackwomen.net, speaks on the controversy surrounding his new dating site

attractive african woman topless

Since Mr. Anthony Robinson announced that he was starting a dating site for black women and men (of all races/ethnicities) who were interested in … [Read more...]