Five Reasons Dating Guys On Bumble is a Bad Idea

I’ve recently had to reevaluate my position about Tinder, because despite it being a notorious hookup site, there have been some success stories and even marriages. But..Bumble, an online dating site who leaves it 100% up to the woman to make the first move, is rife with potential pitfalls and a lot of unhappiness for women looking for a certain type of guy. Basically, if you can  deal with the personality traits that attracts certain men to Bumble, then by all means, go for it. Just don’t come crying later about why men are just a shadow of what they used to be.

Men Attracted to Bumble are Lazy.

By nature, or at least at this moment in time, have zero interest in “the hunt.” They’re completely okay with the woman doing all the work and aren’t interested in taking any real risks to get the women that they want. Or worse, they could be using Bumble as a lazy man’s hookup and keep you as a placeholder while he woos and puts his energy into getting women they really want on another dating site.

The Men, by Nature, Won’t Be Alpha.

Men who use Bumble will be content with a woman taking on the role of the dominate seducer. The men attracted to such sites are completely uninterested in the “thrill of the hunt” and are willing to allow women to wear the pants from the very beginning.

How many animals in the wild will eat something that they didn’t have to hunt for and kill themselves? You think Simba’s out here eating gazelles that just lay down and ask to be dinner? Humans are basically really smart animals. Look at our lessers–why does the male peacock have the pretty feathers? Why do male lions have manes? They know they have to get the attention and bring their A-game if they want to pass their genes on to the healthiest stock they can attract.

You’ll be Making the Decisions About Date Details.

Don’t expect a guy you initiate contact with to make decisions about where and when you have a date, or the details of the date…ever. You’ll make a suggestion, and it will always be, “Well, what do you want to do?” Oh. And you’ll probably be paying for all the date or going Dutch.

You never really know if he really wants you

You picked him, right? But do you really know that he would have picked you? People value what they work for. Remember that.

Bumble Attracts Weirdos

Yep. Like the guy who sued a girl for $17.31 for her half of the movie because he didn’t like that she was texting and eventually walked out on him. While I think that woman is extremely rude and probably a loser her herself, but you’re seriously gonna file court papers to get your movie ticket money back? That’s a Bumble boy for you. Or what about the guy who chewed out a girl and accused her of being a gold digger just for asking what he did for a living. They might even be MGTOW.


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