The annoyances of online dating


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Lonnie’s Friday Funny: The Perils of Online Dating…


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Lonnie’s Friday Funny: Fruit and Car Accidents


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It’s Back! Lonnie’s Friday Funny!!

Screen shot 2013-05-17 at 7.48.31 AM

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EarthJeff: On the road with 18 Teenagers… Part II

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Friday Funny: Have You Seen This Dude on You Tube?

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Friday Funny: Are You ‘Qualified’ To Date a White Guy? [Quiz]

Thinking Woman

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5 Reasons Why The Old Aunt Viv Should Keep Her Mouth Closed


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Friday Funny: Recurring Dreams of Endless Rooms, Not Finishing College, and Chases with Sesame Street Monsters.


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(Bonus) Friday Funny: Man Gets Formal Reprimand for Farting on the Job Rescinded


Imagine this on a Friday afternoon, with only a few hours before the weekend starts, sitting next to a rotund coworker who lets off stinky, sulfuric … [Read more...]