5 Reasons Why The Old Aunt Viv Should Keep Her Mouth Closed

Originally posted on Water Cooler Convos by Daren W. Jackson


Some people just don’t know when they are out of their league.

We first learned that Janet Hubert, a.k.a. Aunt Viv 1.0 from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, was nutty when she thought that she was in anywhere near the place to attack Will Smith. Then she decided to attack Wendy Williams for bawling over Whitney Houston’s death after she had attacked her for much of her life. And now she is attacking Wendy AGAIN, just for pretty much saying her name (albeit incorrectly). Check Wendy’s interview with Tatyana Ali to see what incited her “wrath” (the good stuff starts at the 3:11 mark).

And here is the full audio of what Janet Hubert had to say in response to the interview above.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not here to defend Wendy Williams and her methods for success. She does a very good job of spinning gossip into gold, and it’s hard to find that admirable. Because of that, I can understand some A-list (or even D-list) celebrities having words for Wendy. But Aunt Viv??? She needs to learn her place.

So Janet Hubert, as I could see where you might have trouble with understanding my assertion, I’ve put together a list of 5 reasons why you need to keep your mouth closed:

  1. Your relevance evaporated in ’93 when your tenure ended on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. We still don’t know exactly why you stopped being on the show (fired, creative differences, or whatever), but it’s clear that your career took a steep decline after that. It only takes a quick IMDB search to see that. And that was TWENTY YEARS AGO. As a result, your words have no weight and no one cares about what you have to say.
  2. Wendy isn’t coming for you, and she definitely isn’t concerned with you. I don’t understand why you think that you have a soapbox to stand on that could even get you to Wendy’s ankles. Wendy isn’t making any comments about you directly. She is not taking any shots at your “good name.” Watch her show any day of the week and it is clear that she is pretty free with stating her opinion. And the fact that she has not even referenced any of your attacks shows how little your comments mean to her.
  3. You are critiquing Wendy’s TV presence and how she conducts her show while at the same time not being able to master the intricacies of blogtalkradio. Listening to you recite your letter was difficult. It’s low budget, and for a trained actress, I actually am shocked at how poor your delivery was. You somehow believe that you are in the place to comment on anybody else’s screen presence when you can’t even “figure out this blogtalkradio thing”? I mean, you were interrupted numerous times by your phone clicking. Stop it.
  4. You claim that you are a lady, but you read this ridiculous open letter attacking her character. The hypocrisies in your statement are astounding. How outlandish do you look claiming your lady-hood while also trying to degrade her for her wigs, “giant teeth”, lady parts, tremendous breasts, and big feet. You seem so self-righteous about progress for women, and you felt like that was appropriate? I must say, for a woman in her 50’s you truly exude class. Take notes everyone.
  5. Once again, your relevance evaporated in ’93 when your tenure ended on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Anything you do or say has little to no significance in the media or in the world. And these ridiculous antics to get any type of attention are both pitiful and outrageous. Go home with whatever dregs of your dignity you have left.

Wendy Williams is not a shining example for standards, morals, or decency, and I’m sure she doesn’t need anyone to defend her. But we all need to stay in our own lane. And for the sheer, unabashed embarrassment that she has become, I’m gonna need Janet Hubert to have several seats. I’ve got them all warmed and ready for her. I hope she takes them while they are still warm because it’s all the more uncomfortable when you have to sit your behind on cold steel.

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