Friday Funny: Recurring Dreams of Endless Rooms, Not Finishing College, and Chases with Sesame Street Monsters.

Things I have recurring dreams about: 1) That Loyola Marymount University has called and told me they granted my diploma by mistake–I needed to take one more math class and they forgot to tell me. ( I HATE math); 2) I have just moved into a house so big we keep discovering new rooms; 3) That I’m being chased, in a blue nightgown, down the stairs of Kaiser Hospital by the Sesame Street monsters.

Any idea what this all means? (Besides the possibility I’m 100% nuts)

Once you figure this out, I have a question for you: Do your favorite food cause you to have an orgasm in your mouth like this guy?

Looking for something to do with your hair this weekend? Check this out.

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