The Picture That Changed My Life

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  I posted the photograph below on my Facebook page last week. It brought back fond memories for Brenda Thompson so she shared a nostalgic … [Read more...]

Who Gets Away With Raping Innocent Kids? Blackinstani Folks and Really Rich White People.


This headline stuck in my craw this evening: "Du Pont Heir Gets Probation for RAPING Three-Year-Old Daughter." The suuummmbitch... And why, … [Read more...]

Monday-Punday #29


Monday-Punday #29 Another evening wasted with SirLoinDeBeef: Things actually heard in court (word for word): Q: What gear were you in at the … [Read more...]

White Feminist Pretending To Be “Concerned” for Asian Women Marrying White Men…Yeah Right!

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UPDATE!!!!!!! It is all a hoax ladies and gentleman the source article is a Hoax. "Anne Gus" is really a guy who was outed after posting an … [Read more...]

Did You Know? Black Women Are Bashed On You Tube for Page Views.

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I dapple a little on You Tube as you know, and the more time I spend there, the more I realize that there's some sort of culture being formed by the … [Read more...]

Off the Runway Beauty Trends: Rose Gold and Copper Ore


You've already read my ode to rose gold, so I won't bore you with more accolades. But, being the lover of copper and rose gold, I could not resist … [Read more...]

I Love Yoga, But I’ll Keep My Clothes On, Thankyouverymuch!

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You guys know I'm a huge advocate of yoga. Yoga has literally transformed my body and my health and I've been a faithful follower of yoga for nearly a … [Read more...]

Stand Up Sister Protects a Stranger and Her Child

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When I think of strong black woman, I like to think of Tameka Bates.  She took swift action to protect a stranger who was being harassed by a black … [Read more...]

Episode Two of “Swirlr” is Here!

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Sorry for the delay, folks. The editors are, well...very persnickety. In this episode, we follow the men and women we picked as good potential … [Read more...]

Video: Singer Dencia Says on Camera, “White Means Pure.”

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Ugh. Every time I hear this woman talk I like her less. Not only is she snappy and catty, that ridiculous blond wig and balloon boobs speaks for … [Read more...]

Black Chicks All Look Alike…I Guess…


This is kind of inane news, but at the time I thought it was funny. Watch this FOX sports correspondent mistake a random NASCAR fan as Donna Summer. … [Read more...]