Man Candy Monday: Farewell True Blood Edition

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Did you shed a tear when you found out this is the final season of the True Blood franchise? I know I am not the only one exceptionally in love with … [Read more...]

New Interracial Relationship Fiction: “The Wrong Man”


Review of The Wrong Man by Karla Fears   What is a woman to do when temperatures soar into the triple digits? The best solution is to … [Read more...]

Two Non-Bandwagon Products I’m Using to Keep My Locks Moisturized this Summer


Summer in Southern California means dry heat that can shrivel everything...from the plants in my garden, to my skin and hair. Where my hair is … [Read more...]

Why “Marriage at First Sight” Is the Worst Thing to Happen to TV Since “Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire”


Have  any of you seen the promos for the new reality-show pablum being shoved down our throats called, Marriage at First Sight?  The general idea is … [Read more...]

TBT: The Dukes of Hazzard


Growing up in the 80's was quite an experience. Television shows revolved around likeable charecters that weren't too bad on the eyes. It was during … [Read more...]

Our Favorite Interracial Romance Authors Made History This Week!


Some of your favorite IR novelists got catapulted to main stream a few days ago when they were featured on USA Today. The line up for the Scandalous … [Read more...]

In Season in the “Beauty Garden”…Eggplant

P2p collage eggplant

Hot summer months means eggplants...and lots of them. You're probably noticing that these are on sale at your local market, so nows your chance to try … [Read more...]

History Made: Michelle Howard Become Navy’s First Female Admiral

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Monday was event for celebration as the United States Navy appointed Michelle Howard to the ranks of Admiral making her the first woman in US history … [Read more...]

Sirloins’BB&W Babe Wednesday!!


Since Man Candy Monday was such a big hit we have decided to give our readers of the masculine persuasion equal time with a little something to … [Read more...]

Grow It in a Bag: Patio-To-Plate Encourages Container Gardening


As I turn off a dusty road in Temecula wine country, I can't help but be impressed with Catrina's green house, where she's growing just about … [Read more...]