Monday Punday11


Monday-Punday #11 Warning: SirLoin knows that seven days without a pun makes one weak. He is one-of-a-kind. When he was made, they broke the mold ... … [Read more...]

Monday is Punday 10


Monday-Punday #10   Warning: SirLoin is an incorrigible punster. Do not incorrige. He is one-of-a-kind. Sort of a one-off.   What is less well … [Read more...]

Monday is Punday # 9


Warning: SirLoin is an incorrigible punster. Do not incorrige. - - - - - - - There once was a young man from Rhode Isle Who said jogging just … [Read more...]

Monday is Punday 8


Oh, the orgasmic joys of SirLoinDeBeef, listening to the groans coming from the Internet ... Warning: Incorrigible punster. Do not incorrige. - - - … [Read more...]

Man Candy Monday: Who Said Indian Men Ain’t Sexy? Upen Patel Sure Is!!

Upen Patel, hot men, sexy indian men, hotty, bollywood, actor, Run Bhola Run, Asia, film, France, British, dating, black women, option, culture, race

Okay, to show you all just how shallow one needs to be in order to identify, process and discard men, I give you Exhibit A. Upen Patel is a hot, … [Read more...]

Man Candy Monday (Walking Dead Edition): Norman Reedus


This just in...the subject of today's Man Candy Monday, Norman Reedus, is a resident of New York City and can be often found grabbing a cuppa coffee … [Read more...]

Monday is Punday #7


  Monday-Punday #7   SirLoinDeBeef, chancing upon further instruction in the quest for ultimate groan-inducing vagaries of the … [Read more...]