Gender Conflict

Anti-IR White You Tuber Admits to Dissing Black Women for Views

This passed weekend, I had a live Google hangout with a 28 year-old You Tuber with a channel called “The VeGAINator.” In addition to being a vegan, he’s part of the MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) movement. This group of men have a wide overlap, and some of what they discuss intersects with black men a part of the He-Man Women Hater’s Crew on You Tube. After he initially posted a video using my name to proclaim to the world that he’s “not down with the swirl,” and gave reasons why he wouldn’t ever date another black woman (they wear weave, they always want to talk about race and social justice issues, they’re argumentative and belligerent, they like to have a bunch of out-of-wedlock babies, amongst other things), I decided I wanted to have a conversation with him.

Many people wondered why I would ever give this man the time of day. His views are uninformed and borderline racist. But…there was something about the reasons he gave about not dating black women that gave me a hunch that he was getting his information and inspiration to jump on the anti-black woman, anti-swirl commentary because they He-Man Black Woman Hater’s Club inspired him to do so, and said as much in our exchange. Just listen to who he admits subscribing and listening to, and you’ll get the idea.

He also admitted that he used my name to get views to his channel, and knew that throwing a rock in our general direction wouldn’t be much of a risk for him, because he has observed what little value the black community has for it’s women.

The audio on his end is spotty at times, but power through. You’ll be absolutely AMAZED at what you discover about how pervasive and dangerous these hateful men on You Tube are. People think these black men are unimportant and no one takes them seriously. To underestimate the damage they have done and continue to do to black women can no longer be ignored.

Many people were confused why I engaged this man, and some were even insulting of me. But there were a few black women who put their feelings aside as saw what I was really up to.

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Ladies, what has being silent, turning the other cheek, or praying for unity gotten black women? Are we better off? No? Then what, really, do we have to lose to call out those who drag our names for filth?

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