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Only Blackistan Would Do This: A Dating Site that Matches Along Share and Hair Texture

Yes; black people. You now can use a dating app to cater to your utter dysfunction. Dating site, Smoochr.com can connect you to the light-skinned women and the dark skinned brothers, and to ensure the possibility to producing “pretty babies” there’s even a category to filter for hair type. If this wasn’t the biggest bit of clusterfuckery to prove how colorist and bigoted black folks can be, I don’t know what is.


screen-shot-2016-07-24-at-9-21-24-pm screen-shot-2016-07-24-at-9-21-48-pm

When will the rest of you realize that our dead black community has literally no payoff or benefit for the AVERAGE black woman? What will it take for the rest of you to realize that it’s your own people who don’t want you, not the White Supremacist Boogeyman??!

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And speaking of white supremacy, I’d like to know what evil white man made the founder of this site create it. I mean, it’s really not our fault that we’re bigoted against our own, all the while screaming from the rooftops about how proud to be black we are.

Take a look at the photo on the home page of this mess, and tell me what you notice.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 9.41.13 PM

Yes, you’re not crazy. The guy is dark, which is acceptable, but the woman is light skinned with natural hair, albeit dyed an unnatural blond. The caption says, “Discover Black Singles by complexion hair style, moral views and more!” Holy hell.

The sheer reality that this site exists PROVES what we’ve been saying on this site for years—there is really no place for dark skinned black women in Blackistan except to use them to mule for marches.


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