Blackistan in Real Time: “If It’s Black We Should Support No Matter What”

A fan of mine sent over this video to me this morning.

Just to refresh your memory, here’s an over of

I was so put off by that woman’s commentary, I had to leave a comment.

“So…as long as it’s a black man doing it, it’s okay that black women who don’t look like you–light skinned, wavy hair, which YOU BENEFIT, then we should all just support it. Just like we should support black rappers who dragged our name. No matter what, if it’s black, we should support. Got it. Unbelievable.”

That attitude right there is the reason why rap and hip hop was allowed to for generations to dehumanize, commoditize, verbally abuse and exploit black women. There’s this impression that any old thing black people do (especially the men) we should support.

The idea that this businessman would change his entire niche if we “ask nicely” is so unbelievably naive and insulting that I’m having a hard time articulating how outrageous this is to me. The notion that black people should just accept any bullshit just because a black person did it is why we stay losing.

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