Two Philly Men Beat Woman To Death Because She Would Not Submit


When I first heard the story about two friends and former police officers in Philadelphia beat a mother of two to death while she was restrained in handcuffs because her children’s father believed she wouldn’t properly submit to him, I thought about a couple of things.

First I thought about all the crazy He-Man Black Woman Haters Crew complaining about how black women won’t let them be men and refuse to submit, and blame them for destroying the black community. There is always subsequent discussion about how black women need to be “put in their place” the old fashioned way–with their face connecting to a fist. And the whole, “get them while they’re young and before they become hoes” came to mind when I heard that Aaron Wright, 47, the baby daddy was more than 20 years older than the victim, 24-year-old Joyce Quaweay. What I read about this woman was this idea played out in real time.

Let’s take a break and reflect how this beautiful woman will no longer be, because two sociopathic assholes desperately need to feel like they have authority.


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Then I thought about the horrible video that circulated some time back complaining that black women in interracial relationships were “more submissive ” to white men than they were with black men. We of course did a response video in which we stated something that should be obvious: the black women featured all had something in common–they all felt safe to trust the men they were in relationships which reflected in how they responded to loving, masculine energy.

There seems to be a gross entitlement with some men who feel that their women should submit to any whimsical command of BOYFRIENDS simply because somebody told them they were “kings.” So these men who have little power or control over their everyday lives seeks to be “kings of the dungheap” and expect their women to fall in line. The two men were both fired from Temple University police for undisclosed criminal charges. Both of them aren’t even good stewards of themselves, so why the hell do they feel that they deserve to lead a household and family while the woman maneuvers with a boot on her neck? Men like this want your complete submission blindly and without question, because some idiot told them it was their God-given right to do so.

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Speaking of “God-given” I wonder how many woman have suffered abuse and mistreatment because of that stupid Bible verse.

This is what happens when a community so overly concerned with penis pandering because black men can’t get a leg up because of white supremacy blah-dee-blah.

Sigh. If only all the black men in the whole wide world could be like the dudes from Very Smart Brothas. Those guys are on my man-crush list.

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