Monday Punday # 27


Monday-Punday #27   SirLoin notes that one of the delights of teaching History is the occasional jewel of a student blooper in a essay, … [Read more...]

Monday Punday # 26


Monday-Punday #26   Ah, the limerick - 5 lines of delightful nonsense (often 'unclean') - … [Read more...]

A Rose by any other name: Pastel Pink Beauty Trends SS 2014


This is my ode to pink. A color, that if I were put into as a child, I'd scream bloody murder. I hated the feminine soft color, so Barbie, so girlie, … [Read more...]

3 Off the Runway Beauty Trends for SS 2014


I don't know if you can feel it, but Spring is in the air. And hopefully like me you have already started to scour the net to find the upcoming … [Read more...]

QOTW: “Why Can’t I Just Be a Baby Mama?”


One reader asked us to discuss the potential option of black women opting to co-parent over having a partner full time. Here's my take. … [Read more...]

Hey Folks, Meet ‘Friends of Jay’

Jay & Judy 1993 Clipper Cruise1

Anyone ever wonder what the frequent commenter, 'Friends of Jay,' who often tells the story of the black woman he once loved who got away? Apparently … [Read more...]

Monday Punday #25


Monday-Punday #25 SirLoin, up to his usual tricks, offers these groaners for your examination: A group of people are touring the White House in … [Read more...]

Blessed? Amazing?! Wonderful?!! How Is Your 2014 Looking So Far?


Thus far, my year has been all of the above and more! How many of you made New Year's Resolutions at the end of 2013? Well, now that one month has … [Read more...]

Vintage Black Glamour Is Coming to a Coffee Table Near You

Nichelle Gainer, style, fashion, book, black women, history, inspiration, vintage black book

Beauty. Class. Style. Grace. Talent. Nichelle Gainer, writer and proprietor of the tumblr site Vintage Black Glamour, is set to publish … [Read more...]

Apollo Nida, Husband of RHOA Star Phaedra Parks, Gets Indicted AGAIN

Apollo Nida, Phaedra Parks, Angela Stanton, book, work out video, Atlanta, lawyer, attorney, racketeering, Federal charges, arrest, rumors, indictment, marriage, felon, choices, black men, black women, swirling, RHOA, Real Housewives of Atlanta, reality show, arrest, felon, news,

This is foolishness at its finest. I'm not a Real Housewives of Atlanta Fan. In fact, I've never watched the show other than the occasional snippet … [Read more...]

Monday-Punday #22


Monday-Punday #22   Well, it's THAT time again, and SirLoin can serve up another set of groaners. Look at it this way ... it keeps your vocal … [Read more...]