54 Siblings Find One Another After Father Dies?!

Sam Whitney 1

The father of 54 children recently died in Phoenix, Arizona.  Just when you think you have seen it all ---  all I can do is shake my head.  I came … [Read more...]

You CRAY, Mayor Bloomberg! Showing off your beautiful interracial family is not racist.


Now that Bill de Blasio may actually be close to winning his campaign for Mayor of New York, some of his detractors are starting to let their claws … [Read more...]

You’re Wrong Ms. Underwood, We Do Want Kinky Hair!


  Every single person in our society is told that they must wear presentable hairstyles. Nothing wrong with that at all. The problem is, the … [Read more...]

Ah Hell–Time to Rip Off Someone Else’s Wig: Second-Grader Sent Home for Committing the Travesty of Wearing Dreads


Maybe it's because I'm a mom, but I often get the urge to go Rambo complete with the bandana when I see innocent children being brought to teams by … [Read more...]

So Crazy We Couldn’t Make This Up: A Hebrew Isrealite Stumbles Upon Our Blog, Tells Us We’re “Killers” of the Black Race


Some people think that in 2013, sites like Beyond Black & White aren't necessary because, hey, interracial marriages and have been legal in most … [Read more...]

Miley Cyrus Isn’t the Only Dingbat Co-Opting What She *Thinks* is Black Culture.


So yeah, I watched with fistfuls of popcorn and copious amounts of tea as the media tore a hole into the ass-end of Miley Cyrus' nude bikini over her … [Read more...]

Harriet Tubman Sex Video is Also a Slap in Face for Black Women/White Men Relationships


I was asked about three times to weigh in on the now infamous Harriet Tubman sex tape, in which You Tube stars with the blessing of Russel Simmons … [Read more...]

Oh. My. God. Study Shows Black Women More Likely to Get Bank Loans Because They are Viewed as “Industrious Single Moms.”

piggy bank woman

When I first saw the headline of this press release, I was pleased and sort of proud... "African American Women Have Good Odds of Getting a Loan. … [Read more...]

This is one of the Reasons So Many White Guys Think Black Women are Off Limits.

Sticking out tongues

I get so exhausted of these shout-in-from-the-rooftop black women who use media platforms to announce they would rather give a cat a blow job than to … [Read more...]

Stop Blaming Dead White Men for Slavery! Saudis Are the Modern-Day Slavers!!


You know what I hate more than any other lame-ass reason why black women shouldn't swirl? "You're bedding the slave master." As if whites were the … [Read more...]

Rae Dawn Chong’s Comments About Oprah Exemplifies Intra-Racial Hateration


Thanks to my many BB&W look-outs, I came across some pretty vile comments said by Rae Dawn Chong about Oprah Winfrey. It's pretty shocking. From … [Read more...]