Shea Moisture Gets Their White-Washing Arses Handed To Them On Social Media

So…this happened earlier…

Notice what was conspicuously absent? Yeah. Actual black women with kinky hair. You know, the very group of women that made the two black men from Harlem who sold soap out of a van filthy rich. Insider note: I’ve met the founders of Shea Moisture when they exhibited at the Natural Products Expo. They’re nice. But one thing that I’d notice year after year as the brand grew and grew was the ever-more-present influence of white people at the booth.

This seems to be a trend in the black hair space–a small line makes a come up off of grass roots raves from black women (cough Carol’s Daughter cough) and then decides there’s more money to be made if they expand their lines to cater to people outside of their core group. Honestly, it’s sound business. Nearly all businesses do this. But that doesn’t make it any less of a betrayal. Shea Moisture, we were rooting for you. I mean, if your aim is to wash us nappy heads away and edge your way out of the “black” side of the aisle, I’d have more respect than you trying to pose it under the guise of empowerment and integration. PLLUUUEEEZZZE. Shea Moisture is the star high school basketball player that you stuck by through the broke years and then left you for the white girl. Like…just like that.

They got dragged, and rightfully so.

Then they offered an apology.

But then I saw this, and I was really done. I’m throwing ALL my leftover Shea Moisture and won’t be buying anymore. The fact that they gushed over this misogynistic piece of dung…

Hmmm…Shea Moisture has “wonderful people” like a former pimp-cum-racial peddler keeping them going strong, so I guess they don’t need us “bed wenches” anyway, now do they?

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