What the Cuss?

The Hypocrisy of “Not All Black Men,” But “YES ALL White Men.”

I’m not going to comment much on deconstructing this comment that came from someone who appeared on our previous post about more positive images of black women being desirable in the mainstream. The words speak for themselves. I’ll leave it here for you to ponder.

“E”: But that’s implying that i as a Blackman I would disrespect my own Queen.Maybe some brothers who have no knowledge or love for self might act such ignorant way but certainly not all of us lovely,just as your children wouldn’t be raised to disrespect a black woman. And even if this corn fed country white fella didn’t treat his black woman such way as the list of wrongs by black men that you described, still his love wasn’t big enough to right the wrong of what his people ,particularly his forefathers have done which was far worse than any verbal name calling,and that was to murder our people,enslave us,rob you of the knowledge of self ,to the point that we were pronounced mentally dead.So dead that we actually think he loves us in the way of being a partner in matrimony. If you wanna know if genuinely love you then bring up the hard truth to him and see if he would genuinely understand and acknowledge that mistake or crime rather that he would fight on behalf of our people by way of humanity.

So, this man wanted me to know that, while some black men have disrespected black women, he challenges black women to challenge ALL white men on how they are paying penance for what their ancestors did.

Sit on that for a second.

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