What the Cuss?

Can We Address This Pro-Black Nonsense About White People Not Being Human?

I’m really getting tired of seeing pro-black, hotep nonsense on You Tube regarding persistent rhetoric that white people are not human. If you haven’t heard it, consider yourself lucky. But you’re not anymore, because I’m about to show you a clip of what I mean.

Why does this dude sound like Oswald Bates?

In any case, idea that oppressed people have to use fake science to try and prove black (or melanated) supremacy are using the SAME tactics used by despots to justify killing billions of innocent people. These people simply want to switch white supremacy for black supremacy, except with more toxic masculinity and more misogynoir. As far as black women are concerned, we simply switch from a white supremacist benevolent patriarchy to a black supremacist malevolent patriarchy.

I mean, can’t we call out racism without using the exact same propaganda that was used to justify 500 years of slavery? Like…how are you more noble? How are you any better? How does this benefit black women, like…at all?

Bottom line, there’s a really easy way to ascertain if someone is human. Want to know what it is? Can a white guy and a black woman make a baby? Yep. They’re human. Can a white guy and a goat make a baby? Nope. Can a black guy make a baby with a gorilla? Nope. Can a black guy make a baby with a hispanic woman? Bingo! Two humans for the win! Can an Asian man have a baby with a black woman? YEP!

Can an Asian man have a baby with a panda? No. Simple ninth grade biology, people.

Stop using the same tactics used to justify killing billions just to make yourself feel superior. It’s kind of pathetic.

Here’s me discussing this in a bit more detail…


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