What the Cuss?

Judging By This, George Lopez Probably Thinks Black People Are Beneath Him.

George Lopez recently lost his shit when a black woman in his audience began to heckle him during a performance after he made a joke stating, “There’s still two rules in the f*cking Latinos family. Don’t marry somebody black, and don’t park in front of our house.”

What Lopez said about Latinos and black intermarrying highlights how some Hispanics truly believe they are better than black people, and they are beneath them, despite the fact that Mexicans like Lopez are equally discriminated against based on darkness, class, and stereotypes. Let’s look at George Lopez close up, shall we?

Let’s talk about about colorism in the Hispanic community for a moment, shall we? I bet George doesn’t want you to know that light-skinned Latinos wouldn’t want HIM marrying their daughters if he wasn’t a successful comedian. Let’s not talk about how he could easily be mistaken for one of the workers I see loitering at Home Depot on Saturday who will help you landscape for beer money. Oh…you don’t like that characterization? Welp…don’t dish it.

I’ve really had it up to HERE with minorities in this country thinking they are so superior, and comedians like Lopez believing cussing out a black woman is an easy bet because they’ll be little to no outrage. It’s instances like this that make it difficult to have empathy for them as they go through their own struggles with being marginalized and scapegoated.

George, you are no better than me, with your dark ass. Get over yourself.



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