What the Cuss?

Rickey Smiley’s Son Says He Thinks Black Women are Unattractive; Dad Claps Back

Broderick “Rickey” Smiley,comedian, television host, actor, and radio personality, recently gave his son some strong correction, and we are so here for it. But before I get into the details, I want to tell you a story about elephants. Yes; elephants.

In the late 1980’s, a national park in South Africa needed to cull a herd of elephants that had gotten too big, and so they decided to euthanize the older adult males and leave the adolescents. A problem soon occurred–in the absence of guidance from an older, stronger elephant, the junior male elephants became hypertmasculine, and began to kill rhinos–a group of animals elephants traditionally get along with. They would “posture” and use fighting language to goad the rhinos while in musth, a time period with the young elephants have heightened testosterone levels. Rhinos, realizing they weren’t going to win the fight, would retreat, but the young male elephants would then chase them down and kill them with their tusks. The park officials were flummoxed, because this hyper aggression could not continue. So…they decided to import a small group of adult male elephants who could…uhm…sternly correct the younger males by kicking their asses a little bit. Those young’uns needed an older male to keep them from devolving into some Lord of the Flies situation. Sound familiar?

Now about to Malik, Rickey Smiley’s son. By the behest of a really shitty producer, 15 year-old Malik was encouraged to say, on camera, that he didn’t find black women attractive. [Sidebar: why is it always some media asshole trying to drill the idea that black women are the most repulsive things breathing and walking on two legs? Probably someone who needs a strong adult male elephant to stick a tusk up his bum.]

Realizing his mistake, Malik called his father and told him, “Dad, I made a mistake,” after he was getting torn up on social media from one side to the other after the final footage of him saying these things were revealed on Smiley’s reality show.

So at about 6:50, it appears that Malik sees black girls as “his sisters,” and because he went to mostly “white schools,” any girl but a black appeals to him. So…anything “foreign” is more enticing. But…he couldn’t even be nice? Wouldn’t sit next to her for fear of catching…what? MORE BLACK?!

Isn’t it weird how black women can go to the same schools Malik goes to and *most* of them will STILL wait on boys like Malik to give them five minutes of attention, instead of finding boys of all races who might be into them? ?

Anyway, I’m not hear to debate Malik’s preferences based on his real-world experiences–they are what they be. Frankly, I don’t want anyone trying to “make” Malik like black girls so he can date them and treat them like shitty cum dumpsters. If he wants Becky and Marisol, let him have them. (But I gotten just ask here…why is nobody worried about this boy’s fetishization of white and Latina women, when hangs wring until bleeding about nonblack men who fiend over black women’s awesomeness?)

What I am impressed by is how Rickey Smiley was NOT having his son disrespecting the women who birthed him, nursed him, and loved him. The women who are his sisters, aunts and cousins. I’m glad that he’s not so much a slave to ratings that he’s willing to allow his son to crap on black women just because some numbskull producer suggested it. Although I’m not sure I’m buying that one…


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