Four More Days…The First Episode of “Swirlr” but in the Meantime…

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Yes you heard it right, it's just three more days (FEBRUARY 28) until the FIRST EPISODE of "Swirlr" is set to run. The Hubster was so sweet...he's … [Read more...]

Janice Littlejohn, “Swirling” Co-Author, to Come to Dallas!!


Me and my gorgeous co-author, Janice Rhoshalle Littlejohn Hey Dallas folks, come see the other half of "SWIRLING"!! Co-author of the popular … [Read more...]

Is This Blog Making Black Women Look Desperate?


This is a blog that frequently discusses love and relationships. The"Swirling" book that is on the side of the page advertises a desire to seek love … [Read more...]

What Your Typical Black Woman Means When She Says, “Get Me A White Man!”

Having run an interracial dating website for the past three years, I can't add up how many times I've heard that phrase. "GET ME A WHITE MAN," as if … [Read more...]

Eve Finds Her “Adam” in an Unexpected Package Worth a ‘Maximillion’


Woke up this morning with my inbox full of folks wanting my take on the big news that celebrity Eve is swirled up pretty serious with her British boo, … [Read more...]

Today is Cyber Monday. Buy SWIRLING for Yourself or for a Friend!

"What's this, Helen, a cure to my chronic depression? THANK YOU!!"

Yes; this is a shameless plug. But it you can't be shameless in your own house, where then, can you? While you're out and about, or rather, in … [Read more...]

Three Days Till Thanksgiving. Are You Ready to Meet His Parents?

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It can be the most stressful event swirling couples go through. After it happens, some won't make it. Some will question everything. And some will … [Read more...]

Twenty Six Year Old Southern Guy Takes On Swirling in the South, Starts Blog

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OMG he's adorable. He calls himself, "YoungTeach" because yes, at 26, he's young, and works as a music teacher to a predominately African … [Read more...]

Washington D.C. Recap–The Gorgeous Girls of BB&W!


I'm a bit bleary eyed tonight. The Boy had us up all night with intermittent bouts of vomiting. But I couldn't let another day pass without saying how … [Read more...]

“White Men Best Natural Allies in Battle to Counter Negative Misconceptions of Black Women,” Says Oakland Rainbeau

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You might remember the video I posted last week featuring the unseen white guy who commented at a SWIRLING event Janice and I attended hosted by Meet … [Read more...]

Have the Publicists for the Recent Slavery-themed Films Begun To Respond to the Complaints?


If you speak loud enough people are sure to hear you, even if they don't respond. Or, instead of one person speaking loudly to voice a complaint, you … [Read more...]