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Are You Going to the NYC Loving Day Celebration or Nah?

I’ll be attending the 11th annual Loving Day celebration in New York City this coming Saturday. I hope to see some our regular readers there since this would be the perfect opportunity to hang out in a place that you know, for sure, is supportive of interracial dating.

In the event that you need someone to hold your hand, or whisper encouraging words in your ear, I’ll be around to lend a hand.

I’ve invited some folks along to hang out with me, and this is the second post on this site regarding the celebration. I gather those who are serious, and available will make their best effort to come out and be seen.

I’m still trying to determine what I’m wearing this weekend but keep an eye out for the girl with the huge kinky afro. You can also keep up with me via Foursquare or online via Twitter. Remember to RSVP by visiting FlavorPill and dress for the warm weather, it’s been raining here all week but so far it seems that Saturday will be a dry warm day.

Wondering what happened last year during the Annual Loving Day Celebration? Me, Chris and several of the beautiful ladies found ourselves in Manhattan with a video camera and here’s what had happened.

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