Loving Day Flagship Event Recap Plus Adorable ‘Loving Stories’


If you live anywhere near the East Coast and didn't go to the Loving Day flagship event in New York City earlier this month, you might want to kick … [Read more...]

Are You Going to the NYC Loving Day Celebration or Nah?

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I'll be attending the 11th annual Loving Day celebration in New York City this coming Saturday. I hope to see some our regular readers there since … [Read more...]

Want to Meet This Guy? L.A. Folks, Meet Us at the Mixed Heritage Conference at UCLA!


It's kind of funny who and how you meet folks. I met Philippe Koo on our fan page talking about how awesome Swiss Chard is. We bonded over leafy … [Read more...]

Four More Days…The First Episode of “Swirlr” but in the Meantime…

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Yes you heard it right, it's just three more days (FEBRUARY 28) until the FIRST EPISODE of "Swirlr" is set to run. The Hubster was so sweet...he's … [Read more...]

Janice Littlejohn, “Swirling” Co-Author, to Come to Dallas!!


Me and my gorgeous co-author, Janice Rhoshalle Littlejohn Hey Dallas folks, come see the other half of "SWIRLING"!! Co-author of the popular … [Read more...]

Washington D.C. Recap–The Gorgeous Girls of BB&W!


I'm a bit bleary eyed tonight. The Boy had us up all night with intermittent bouts of vomiting. But I couldn't let another day pass without saying how … [Read more...]

Yes Ma’am! Sophia Angeli Nelson Adding to “Election Decompression” Line Up!

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I have some AMAZING news! My buddy and person I want to be when I grow up, Sophia Angeli Nelson, political pundit and kick-arse writer of Black Woman … [Read more...]

Attention Bay Area Swirlers! A MeetUp Group You Should Definitely Join!


I keep telling all of you who seek the online/offline hybrid, you NEED to join a local MeetUp.com interracial dating group in your area. If there … [Read more...]

San Francisco “Swirling” and My One Night as a Halfbreed Model


Yesterday's event at 111 Minna Gallery was a blast. The comedians were hilarious, we have a nice crowd, and finally met up with San Francisco … [Read more...]

“Election Decompression!!” BB&W Washington D.C., Blog Party!!


After this election, I think we're going to all need a break. Join me and the folks at IDSocialConnect for some “election decompression” at Tonic … [Read more...]