Why I am considering moving to New Zealand

The world is becoming more globally connected, and as an American black woman I want to get with it and I suggest those of you who are willing to do … [Read more...]

This is Fifty: Swirl-Family-Friendly, Posh California Resort Celebrates with Style


When I thought about where I wanted to spend my 40th, one place came to the top of the list--the Rancho Bernardo Inn and Resort. The place is located … [Read more...]

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Want To Marry a Kiwi Guy? New Zealand is Ripe for IR!


For as long as I have been coaching black women wanting to date and marry internationally, I have been asked what countries are best for swirling. … [Read more...]

The California Girl’s Guide to Having Fun (and not dying) in New York City


I say "California Girl" to be used interchangeably with any girl NOT from a huge city where no one in their right mind owns a car. For us suburban … [Read more...]

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What All Those BWE Bloggers Predicted is Finally Coming True…


Although I'm a single woman who isn't focused on getting dates at the moment--but that could change at any second, because really, who knows when The … [Read more...]

Niala: Dress Smart Like a London Lass


Walking the streets of London is equivalent to walking down a haute couture runway. When I leave my flat, I have to keep up with the well-dressed … [Read more...]

Do We Care About Our Afro-Latina Sisters?

Afro-Argentine Woman Marie LaMadrid

Here in America even we black folks take things for granted. We have had our civil rights movement behind us for decades and though the struggle … [Read more...]

Are the Brits Down with the Swirl? YES.


Turning heads, coy smiles, and sudden attempts at conversation: things I experience everyday down in London. I’m going to answer the question I’m sure … [Read more...]

SwirlQueen: Blasian Love in Asia

Mirriam & family from Zambia

With all the news about Korea electing their first woman president, they are still experiencing joy, shock or disgust depending upon their politics.  … [Read more...]

Question of the Week: English White Guy Asks Me How to Meet Black Women

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I received this note from "J," a young man living in England who is interested in black women, but it unsure how to approach them. After you read … [Read more...]