Weekend Read: Book Recommends Black Women Take Notes From Asian Women If They REALLY Want to #Win at Swirling

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Before you read another word, this entry is ONLY for BB&W readers who can maintain an open mind and keep their defensiveness in check. If this … [Read more...]

Weekend Read: “Letters to My Mixed Race Son”


We talk a lot here about the importance of boys to have fathers. When I heard that my facebook friend, Frank Robinson (who is a white man married to a … [Read more...]

Weekend Read: A Tale of a WWII Heroine, “Colette”


CHAPTER 1 Paris, Summer 1938 Colette and her friend Anne rushed across the boulevard Saint-Germain. They had just finished their last exam and … [Read more...]

Weekend Read: At First Sight: A Strange But True Love Story

Weekend Read

At First Sight: A Strange But True Love Story by Don Rice Jr. (Clean version) This work is based on actual events, certain details have … [Read more...]

Weekend Read: “Waiting For Jules”

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5 (Sample Chapter) Tony & Jules   8:30 p.m. We met in Tribeca; our first date setting the stage for everything that was great between … [Read more...]

Jaded Hearts: A Well Written Interracial Love Story

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‘Jaded Hearts’, volume one of The Jaded Hearts Club series, does away with the stereotypical billionaire and melting heroine, instead opting for a … [Read more...]

Weekend Read: “Miss Dreamsville and the Collier County Women’s Literary Society”

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   One my name is dora Witherspoon but most folks know mme as the turtle lady. a long time ago, i rescued a snapping turtle the size of a truck … [Read more...]

Weekend Read: Zombie Horror!!

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August 12 3:23 p.m. I-5 Freeway, Southern Washington State —ongoing concerns over scattered reports of violent, perhaps drug-in­duced behavior … [Read more...]

Weekend Read: “Mama’s Child”

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Summary: Mama’s Child is story of an idealistic young white woman who travelled to the American South as a civil rights worker, fell in love with an … [Read more...]

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Get your copy! Kerry Washington covers TV Guide Magazine


TV Guide Magazine has a feature story on Scandal, which returns with new episodes next Thursday, March 21. Check out some of the pictures from the … [Read more...]