Cool Tools To Help You Get Your Yoga On

I know everyone has a preference, but I personally believe that yoga is the single most amazing, body changing, stress reducing, and weight loss practice you can do. It literally will change your outlook on life, plus give you killer legs and a bum you can bounce a penny off of. I like that yoga[...] Read More…

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Essence Excludes Gabrielle Union’s Interracial Romantic Interest on “Think Like a Man Too.”

I have to admit, I never saw Think Like a Man. And most likely, I won't be spending my change to see Think Like a Man Too. But let's for the sake of argument say I might have given it a chance because I hear it's pretty funny and there's a nice … Read More

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Low Carb, Hight Nutrition: Roasted Carrot and Leek Soup with Feta and Bacon

My beauty garden is going strong and the carrots and leeks I've been growing are ready to harvest. I've been trying to think of creative recipes using carrots besides just side dishes, and that's how I happened upon an idea for roasted carrots and … Read More

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Interracial Couple Speaks Candidly About Public Onlookers

It's funny. I never really know who all follows me on my You Tube channel...apparently there's quite a lot...and when I get a free moment I'll check out the pages of the people who follow me. I was glad I did when I saw Shelly and Michael. They get … Read More

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Oakland Paul: Two Women Badly Beaten, Only One Gets National Attention.

I have nothing new to say. Just sharing my observation of an obvious truth.  A truth I am just now learning to notice. It is the painful truth of disparity, inequality and indifference. On national news, much ado is made of a beautiful girl … Read More

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Are You Vulnerable to Job Discrimination?

By Tammy Ghalden From all of the research I have read, my answer to the above question would be “yes.” However, there might be some explanations I will get to later on in this article. I have argued with several people online that Affirmative … Read More


Oh. My. Gawd. Lupita N’Yongo and Her Bikini Body. Tips to Get Yours!

Here's a little inspiration we could all use at the summer months come upon us. Lupita N'Yongo has one of the most beautiful bodies I have ever seen. Round bottom, flat abs, lots of muscle tone. Definitively feminine, undoubtedly fit. Check out these … Read More


Just As Good as Hair Vitamins: Why You Should Be (Growing) and Eating Cabbage

I planted cabbage for the first time in the late fall, unsure what those little dark-brown seeds would actually amount to anything. I usually skip cabbage in the grocery store, and I was thinking that maybe if I grew it at home I'd be more likely to … Read More


Have You Checked Out Sienna Mynx’s Top-Rated Book, “Before Sunrise?” Here’s a Chance to Win One!

Over the next few months you'll notice that BB&W will become a central hub for reviews, profiles, and giveaways of interracial fiction featuring black women as the heroines and non-black men as the love interest. If you're an author, contact me … Read More

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Does Your Face Look Good Naked? Three Natural Products that Should Be On Your Skincare Radar

Just finished an all-natural facial. This photo is untouched and unedited. As you can see, I'm kinda sleepy. This is right before my bedtime. That's my skin after an all-natural beauty routine that helps keep my skin bright, evenly toned, and … Read More

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Coming Down from the Mount: Lay Off the Mods!

I have sat by too long observing the anti-moderator sentiments, snide comments and outright contempt for the folks who help keep this site clean and free of trolls. And I have one thing to say: I will not stand for it. It's because of them that … Read More


Watch a Bunch of Black Women Cheering as Their Pastor Shouts, “These H*es Ain’t Loyal.”

My inbox has been peppered with messages about a sermon rendered by Pastor Jamal Bryant called “I’m My Enemies Worst Nightmare.” (yes, they wrote enemies, not enemy's)  Now before I go on, take a look at the clip. I … Read More


Biker Gang Rolls In to Protect Maya Angelou’s Funeral from Being Infected by Westboro Church Douchebags. Or…Not?

Generally I'm a little scared of biker gangs. It's rare that I hear news about them and say, "Woohoo, rock on, you leathery scary people!" So news that a biker gang named 2 million Bikers was planning on rolling in to protect Maya Angelou's remains … Read More

An Apple a Day...

12 Proven Benefits for Eating an Apple a Day…

The U.S. Apple Association just provided this useful reminder of how amazing apples are to your health. Remember, opt for organic apples because of the high pesticide content found in non-organic apples. As an apple grower myself, it's a challenge … Read More