New Anti-Swirling Meme: “How Can You Oppose Racism And Be Attracted To White Men?”

I’ve been seeing the following bit of stupid making its way around the web at an increased clip. The people who are desperate to guilt-trip black women (and make no mistake, this is almost always brought out to shame black women EXCLUSIVELY…) out of exercising their dating and marriage options will often pull this argument[...] Read More…

Lissette & Ali 5

Ali and Lissette Gonzalez: Color Blind and Valentines

Color Blind & Valentines Ali and Lissette Gonzalez When I first introduced you all to Lissette Gonzalez five years ago, her interview got the most responses ever.  People were drawn to Lissette’s (Lisy or Lady Elle) outgoing, loving and crazy … Read More


Swirling on Planet Earth Part 7: What is Intimacy?

The muse has been asleep, but Valentines Day seems appropriate for this. I am not talking about sex, and those elements in that process of two people experiencing the physical aspects of enjoying each other as man and woman.  You know, the stuff … Read More


Oaktown Paul Reports Thriving BW/WM Meet Up Group in Oakland!

"A Swirling Community by the Bay" Swirling made another small step forward this weekend, when our Meet-up group (Sisters and White Misters) met at Rassela’s Jazz club in San Francisco.  It was, for so many reasons, a memorable swirling experience … Read More


Money Crashers: Six Strategies for Becoming Debt Free

  David Bakke dug himself out of over $30k in credit card debt he accumulated during his college years. He is now debt-free and shares his tips on the blog, Money Crashers Finance. Whether you've got a little debt or a lot, it puts a … Read More


Would You Ever Protect a Racist From Physical Harm?

This post caused a mini firestorm on my FB page.  I revisited a case from 1996.  Remember the black girl named Keisha Thomas from Ann Arbor, MI who with her own body protected a KKK rally supporter from being beaten?  Maybe she had just watched an … Read More

Homeless Man

Racial Wealth Gap Is Partially Explained by Blacks Willingness to Help Their Poorer Relatives

Rourke O’Brien, a PhD candidate in Sociology and Social Policy at Princeton University, has completed research into why black Americans do not accumulate wealth as fast as white Americans. In a research paper titled "Depleting Capital? Race, Wealth … Read More


(Bonus) Question of the Week: Black Women Blaming Their White Boyfriends for Racism

I got this letter from  a friend of mine who's dating a black woman. I'm going to leave some stuff out because he's an actor, and highly Google-able. It made me feel horrible when my BW would constantly bring up things like no BW in the movie … Read More


Day Twelve of 28 Days of Heart Health: New Studies Say Fish Oil Not Effective Protection Against Heart Disease

Well this is disappointing news. Looks like all the promotion about fish oil lending protection against heart disease might have been more gimmick than good science. The Sept. 12 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association published a … Read More


What Ever Happened to Character Building?

Note: If you don't believe in self-improvement then this article is not for you. Let's keep this positive and respectful everyone :).  Has anyone ever told you, "well you just don't know how to pick a good man" (so annoying) or "you should choose … Read More


Black Women Scare You? Get Real!

  A troll once forwarded a video by a Latino dude ranting about why black women make him nervous. There are even a few white guys that fear black women. My question is why? A few years ago, I was a regular "poster" on an AOL Race relations … Read More

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Question of the Week: On Dating Asian Men, Demanding Someone Christian, and Improvising Race on Online Profiles.

Okay ladies:   Here is my question... (A little background).  I am an african american professional (doctor).   I am 32 year old.  I am single.  Up until about 3 years ago, I had not even considered dating outside my race.  That changed … Read More


Shocked over Recent Drone Attack News? Under a Rock Much?

Last week, the proverbial "drone strike" mess hit the fan when a very detailed document illustrating the United States' criteria for killing US citizens abroad via drones was obtained by NBC News. The "white paper", 16 pages in all, details three … Read More

Lucy Parsons 2

Swirling and History Part Six: Lucy Parsons

Albert and Lucy Parsons   Albert (1858-1887) and Lucy Parsons (1853-1942 were from Texas where Lucy Eldine Gonzalez Parsons was born into slavery.  She met Albert and they married.  They moved to Chicago due to threats from the KKK … Read More