All About Travel Tweet Chat TODAY that You Will Not Want to Miss!

Later today will be the tweet chat of all travel tweet chats when we feature the flyest, flyers I know...the queens of international travel to answer all your holds barred. On our illustrious list of panelists we include:   Founder of, Gabriela Oliveira. … Read More...

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Let It Fro. Let it Fro. Let it Fro…

What type of hair do you have? The answer doesn't really matter since nearly all ethnic hair has some form of coil, curl or kink. Blacks are the originators and perfectors of the illuminus hairstyle called the afro, or the 'fro' for the cool people. And no matter whether you got a little or a lot … Read More...


You Can Date A White Guy….Just Remember To Stroke The Collective Black Ego!

Ladies, you can live your life, live it well, and not feel there’s anything wrong with it. You deserve happiness if you seek happiness. You don’t have to prove yourself worthy of happiness. You don’t have to earn a “black woman mammy merit badge” to be happy. You don’t have to justify a desire to be taken care of nor a disgust at disgusting behaviors – your own relationship happiness does not need to meet any trifling fool’s prerequisites.

African  woman

Why has feminism become a dirty word?

The post is intended as tongue in cheek; no real offense meant, I just want to genuinely understand why the term startles some women and some men.

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Are Black Women ‘In’ Right Now?

From Michelle Obama to Kerry Washington to Beyonce, black women are LITERALLY taking over everything. And it is pretty darn awesome.


Day Five of 28 Days of Heart Health: Watch Your Pressure; Breathe Easy.

It’s official. In a study conducted by Yale University, people who practiced yoga at least three times a week reduced their risk of hypertension and heart disease. This is good news, especially for African American women, who are at high risk of both high blood pressure and heart disease.


Swirling in History Part Three: Lucinda and George Stevens

This union happened BEFORE interracial marriage was outlawed in Utah.


When Hood Boogers Attack, Black Kids Wish They Were White.

Some of you might balk at my language, but if it walks like a beast and talks like a beast, it’s a beast. God help the kids who have to live in this Hell.

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Question of the Week: Shy Girl Wants to Confront College Crush

This shy girl is steeling herself to approach the rainbeau she’s had her eye on. I tell her to hold the brakes. Here’s why.


So, Why Are We Swooning over “Beasts of the Southern Wild”?

I really wasn’t impressed. Did I miss something?

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That Awkward Moment When You Tell Your Parents You Like White Boys.

“Mom and I finally brought it out in the open. We were arguing over something and she brought up my only dating white men. She couldn’t see it at all. She grew up in the Jim Crow south and she had had a hard time at the hands of white people. While she had raised my brothers and me to be tolerant, she didn’t like the idea of us dating or marrying outside our race.”

Better Be Prompt!

Day Four of 28 Days of Heart Health: Healthy Heart from Sun Up to Sun Down

Sometimes managing all the to-do’s for a healthy lifestyle can be overwhelming. It’s less so if you pace yourself. Follow this schedule from morning to night and you’re all system’s go for an ideal heart-healthy day.

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Hot For Teacher…………

You know……THAT HAWT TEACHER….Chile, bye.