All About Travel Tweet Chat TODAY that You Will Not Want to Miss!

Later today will be the tweet chat of all travel tweet chats when we feature the flyest, flyers I know...the queens of international travel to answer all your holds barred. On our illustrious list of panelists we include:   Founder of, Gabriela Oliveira. … Read More...

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Let It Fro. Let it Fro. Let it Fro…

What type of hair do you have? The answer doesn't really matter since nearly all ethnic hair has some form of coil, curl or kink. Blacks are the originators and perfectors of the illuminus hairstyle called the afro, or the 'fro' for the cool people. And no matter whether you got a little or a lot … Read More...

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Swirling in History Part Two: Mattie Bell Castner and Mattie Byers Novotny Welch

This is the second and third stories of former slaves who moved to and married interracially in Montana. Mattie Bell Castner is the called “The Mother of Belt, Montana.”


Day Three of 28 Days of Heart Health: Everything You Did (and Didn’t) Want to Know About Sugar

What does sugar have to do with heart health? Well, sugar consumption in the United States is ridiculously high, and manufacturers scheme by hiding sugar in just about everything thing, which leads to us consuming extra calories and spiking our blood sugar, which over time leads to obesity and insulin resistance. Insulin resistance leads to diabetes, and diabetes damages all our internal organs–especially the heart. Combine that with high blood pressure and you have the perfect recipe for a heart attack. That’s why we invited Celebrity nutrition and fitness expert JJ Virgin, Co-Host of TLC’s hit series ‘Freaky Eaters’ in her #7 New York Times best seller, The Virgin Diet to give us some frank talk about the good, bad and ugly on the sweet stuff.

Being soft means you actually raise your standards and require better treatment from others.

Being Soft is Pretty Sweet :)

WARNING!!! This post is not meant for happily masculine women, happily androgynous women, or feminists, so for all of our sake please skip this post. This post is ONLY meant for women who are interested in becoming more old fashioned/classically/traditionally feminine :). Please focus your comments on the topics presented in this post and keep it […]


Swiring and the International N-Word…Burning Questions on Race and Relationships in Deutschland.

Do you talk about race with your significant other, or men you date of a different race? Do you think MAJOR differences in racial politics is a deal breaker?

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Day Two of 28 Days of Heart Health: Is Your House Heart-Healthy?

Make each room in your home conducive to you getting yourself healthy.


The Applebee’s Tip Cheat Is The Reason for the U.S. Decline in Religion

I still see that LorMarie’s religion post is still on FIRE, and I’ve largely stayed out of the conversation because one contentions debate a week is about all I can muster these days. But I just had to jump into the conversation when I heard news that a “pastor” wrote on an Applebee’s receipt that she would NOT be giving the server anything, because after all, she gives God 10%, so there was no way in Hell she was gonna give her server 18%?! So, the server posted the receipt online, which of course, went viral. The “minister” was mortified when she found out about how her nasty receipt comment was posted for all the world to see how cheap she was and using God as an excuse that she contacted the restaurant and subsequently got the server fired.

Stephen Bickford

Swirling in History Part One: Sarah Gammon Bickford, Former Slave, Married Well.

Bet you didn’t know…


Got a Note this Morning That Reminds Me Why This Blog is Awesome Sauce.

THIS makes EVERYTHING worth it.


How to Pack It: Go from Home-to-Work-to-Gym-to-Date

So, once you get serious about making exercise a regular and non-negotiable part of your new healthy lifestyle, you can’t let a little thing like logistics consistently derail your fitness efforts and cause you to neglect your health.


28 Days of Heart Health: Day One; Just How Serious is Heart Disease for Black Women?

We hear a lot about how black women are at high risk of of diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure, but not enough attention is being paid to heart disease, which is, surprisingly to many, the number one killer of ALL women, and black women are the most at risk.


Product Junky Playbook: Pricey Stuff on My Counter That Actually Works

Part of why I love blogging is that I can have a valid business excuse for indulging in my product junkism. The following is a collage of things I have in my bathroom right now, much of which is pretty pricey. But here’s the catch…all this stuff actually works, and every single one of these items has rave reviews throughout all the major beauty junctions–Sephora, Makeup Ally,, you name it.